Friday, May 31, 2013

A Herman Turtle night...

Saved a turtle tonight.. Okay so imagine this... A turtle about 1 foot around decided it would be a good thing to cross state road 135.. Most that really know me know that I have a weird turtle thing that I think stems from childhood. Anyhow this turtle (we'll refer to him as Herman) was slowly crossing the road while cars were swerving to miss him. We were pulling into the apartment, so I had Gary pull over so I could run into traffic to save Herman. He was in the middle turning lane when I ran out to him and he snapped at me to try to eat me. So we circled each other a few times while I yelled "Herman you are going to die out here. You have to let me help you." I'm sure it looked pretty funny. I finally got behind him and lifted him up while he was snapping wildly and a man had gotten out of his truck and told me to put him down he'd get him. He actually said, "put him down, he'll take your finger off" and then he told me that I should grab them by the tail as he picked him up. He put him in the bed of his truck and told me he'd put him in his pond. So yeah..
Yesterday I fell in front of God knows who.. And looked like a fool of course and then today I ran into the middle of the highway and yelled at a turtle. Definitely a cool person to become friends with all of you Greenwood people. Good times.

On another note... If you didn't know, I live Google and Chrome and all of you that don't well... Shut it...

Love you all.. Xoxo.. Millions and infinity

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