Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Read at your own risk. . .

Have you ever had a day where you think a sharp stick in the eye would have maybe been better?  Yeah..that was today for me.  Coming from a girl who has had MANY eye surgeries, I'm telling you, that means something.  I tried to remain positive (only had one little fleeting feeling where I felt like I couldn't breathe).  So many things to do, it's a crazy busy place sometimes.  It seems like on the days it rains, it really rains hard.  Makes the day go by quickly, but sometimes not a good thing.  I think it's funny how one day, from an IT standpoint, you're awesome, and then next you're under someone's shoe.  People never cease to amaze me.  Actually it's usually women that never cease to amaze me.  Men, most generally, live it and forget it.  Women tend to hold the most horrible crazy grudges that they never forget.  And yes, I can say all of this, because I am a woman.  Every now and though tho, you find a guy who is just as bad, which is interesting.

I kept telling myself today because of how I felt when the day started, that it was going to look up from there, and you know what, it never did.  I even did my stare at the mirror today and said, "You're good enough, you're smart enough. . . and gosh darnnit people like you."  Didn't help.  It continued to plummet along and take me with it.  I think laughing helps, what else can you do.

So I need a crash course ---- a real crash course (friends this is my hand extending to you) --- in EDI. I have to say..I have no frigging clue...I'm trying but I swear those people at Epicor are getting quite tired of my EDI calls.  Any help would be GREATLY appreciated..850, 865 8..whatever..whatever..whateva...

Only one moment when I wanted to high five someone's face with a brick today, and she would have deserved it.  Yes, HIGH FIVE FACE BRICK..(thanks sis)..No I do not have anger management problems. ;)

At the apartment now - last night here without furniture   Woot!  So see, things are looking up, and the drive was only about 40 minutes, but I had to get gas. That is a fabulishous feeling.  2 more days, and Greenwood will be home.  hmm....

Tomorrow is going to be GREAT, cuz i say so.  Love you all, especially those who keep coming back for more of my insanity.  Blog ideas are still welcome...I promise I will cover any crazy topic you want..

xoxo... Infinity and Millions..

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