Saturday, February 16, 2013

Review - Beautiful Creatures . . .possible spoiler alert


The book is so so so much better than the movie.  It's hard to believe that this movie was even based on the book, and that an author would let someone bastardize their story like that.

Okay so...the actors were not so great, but more than that, the story was completely different.  The uncle is supposed to be a vampire (not a blood vampire, but yeah, not just a dark caster) - Boo Radley was actually the dog in the book that wasn't even there..There was no "sixteen moons" song, hell they couldn't even mind communicate..Amarie (Amma) was like his nanny - not the same character as the librarian, which his mother was too (A KEEPER - that character was supposed to be Lilian Ashcroft)...I realize that sometimes things have to be shortened from book form for the movie, but OMG - really, they didn't just shorten it, they took the story (the meat) away.  Horrible - worst - book/movie conversion I have ever seen.

The entire story line was different - the curse was on the family, not all female casters...oh geezz..I could go on and on about the horrible differences..I am so disappointed in the authors Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl for allowing such an outright atrocity. 

Friday, February 15, 2013

200 blog entries??? wow...

Yeah I know right.. This blog makes 200.. And that means some of you have read 200 different ridiculous entries from me..what's wrong with us, right?

Anyway - been a crazy week.  I did an orientation Monday through Wednesday, and it was unlike any I have ever done before, or even have ever heard of.  The way it works at Ryobi is a little different, but interesting.  They put a schedule together for you that gets you running around to all kinds of different departments (and buildings) so that you learn where things are and also what people do.  I have to say, I didn't enjoy the length of some of the meetings, I didn't really enjoy EVERY person I met with, but overall it was a good experience.  I did learn a lot about Die Casting and well, Ryobi in general, so that was good.  Considering I was at Wabash for about 2 years before I even got a tour of the place, this was a fantastic experience and did quickly acclimate me to where things are.  I have also decided that I enjoy a few members of the executive team.  I probably will enjoy them all once I know them all.  I just find people interesting and really like it when I find myself respecting some people quickly.  I said this before, but it is nice to work for someone that "gets it".  And NO I haven't sent him the link to the blogs, so I am not just sucking up.

I say again, I can not believe how many people follow this blog regularly, and sometimes it even freaks me out when someone says, "oh yeah, how did this go" or whatever...and I'm like..huh?..and then I get the, "I saw in your blog..."  How funny...

Gary got me a wireless charging orb for my Nexus 4.  I think I'm going to buy one for my desk.  I seriously love this technology, it's nice to just sit your phone on something to charge it (no plug ins).  Technology is so GREAT.

Today was a good day...Tomorrow will be a good day, too. I hope all of you can make that happen for yourselves, too.  We're meeting with the Milk Building Sunday evening, so cross your fingers that things go well with that.

We need to start landing astronauts on asteroids and having them drill them apart, right?  hmm.. I think that was a movie.

This one is for all of you:

The warmth engulfs me as I walk
Somewhat in fear, somewhat in confidence
Do you see me and hear me
Today may be the only day you have
Tomorrow is lost to us
Follow me here or there
Today is our day
I see you, I hear you and you smile

Thursday, February 14, 2013

a love letter . . .

I know I know…Valentine’s Day is a hallmark holiday, and you should love all year long.  Here’s the thing, some people need to be reminded about what is important.  Why are we here?
So during an orientation process yesterday at Ryobi, someone asked me if I knew what the bottom line was of what we were selling, what was it that Ryobi does?  The answer from me was “We sell automobile parts” He said, “we sell quality automobile parts..”  This made me think..  In my life, and as a person, what am I trying to sell.  I want it to be “I show people love and consideration”…I am not a lovey dovey huggy person…but I am a very LOVING caring person. My job in life is not to make money and have nice things.  My purpose is to make you feel like you’re loved the way I want to feel loved.  Most of you that are reading this are definitely loved by me, and most of you have really felt that in one way or another.
In my lifetime, I have hurt people, and I purposely pushed some people out of my life.  Others people I can’t and won’t shake.  I can honestly say that even through the hurt, I have loved you.  Love isn’t always romantic, love isn’t always easy, but it is always with the best intentions.  I have messed up; everyone does.  I try to do what is right, and sometimes I have to think with my head instead of my heart.  That doesn’t change the feelings I’ve had.  I promise you that if I have ever said to you that I love you, even jokingly, I truly do. 
My life has changed a lot in the last year.  I lost a whole lot of loves on a day to day basis.  Even though this is true, and I miss my Wabash family; I love that I still love so many of you.  Happy Valentine’s Day to you.  I do really love you guys, all different kinds of love of course, but changing location doesn’t remove feeling.
This morning I got a letter from the most important man in my life:
“I love you
It’s really just that simple. And that’s one of the things I’ve learned from you over the past few years.  Love doesn’t have to be complicated and you can feel it for almost anyone or anything.  Love is what it’s all about and like the Beatles said “it’s all you really need”. As I watch you loving people in our lives, I’m learning from you, it can be easy.  I still have difficulty in that area but I’m getting there.  I like to see your smile when you look at Lucy.  I like to see your smile when you look at me, or Zach or jenn.  It’s not just a smile; it’s the love that comes through with it.  Those things are connected aren’t they?  The smile and love.  Yeah, it’s the simple things I love about you.  Thanks for teaching me more about love and the simple things.
Happy Valentines Day
Yeah, he’s probably not going to be really happy I shared that with the world.  I do have the most wonderful man though, all you other girls, eat your hearts out.
Okay – gonna eat my salad now. 
Kiss someone today..and hug them tight.  I’ll be home at around 6 if you want to hug or kiss me.  I’m always open for hugging and kissing..;)

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Thoughts on my week...


We're moving.  I love the job, don't like the drive.  Gary and I have signed on a luxury apartment in Greenwood, and we'll be moving as soon as this school year is over.  Zach is feeling much better about this, now.  Two things I have to say about my impressions of this job so boss...seems to really know what the hell is going on..YAY...and ... The Director of HR is FANTASTIC and actually cares about people.  This week was extremely tiring for me, but the drive is what is causing a lot of that.  It's not even that it's so much longer, but doesn't matter which way I go, traffic isn't fun..

A small review - I now have a Nexus 4 - and I have to say..It's pretty okay.  I do like owning a Google phone, and thanks to my wonderful man, I have one..and the screen is not cracked..

Did some shopping today with Gary and planned out some crock pot cooking, which makes me feel a little better about meals this week.

I've been listening to Beautiful Creatures - That's a good book, glad I will be seeing it next weekend.  Not as good as Legend or Prodigy, but it's still good. This one is about a shunned girl in high school, and a boy that falls for her, but she has all kinds of mysterious powers attached to her.  He has some too, but I'm not sure where that is leading yet.  Actually I'm a few hours from being done with it, and there is still a lot of mystery involved.  I really like that about a book, and it isn't letting me down with too much fluff.

I am also glad we didn't get all of that snow that a lot of people got.  I am hoping for Spring to come quickly as I am sure a lot of you are.  Today is nice and sunny, but still too cold for my bones.  I love you all.  Have a great week to come.

Friday, February 1, 2013

oh yay

Okay - so since this last time I was sick, (bad lung sick) I don't feel that my lungs have gotten even closely back to normal.  My doctor decided that my airways don't stay open enough sometimes - anyway long story short..he wants me using an inhaler - which I have done before and argued about (of course).  He then suggested a new kind and I said, Okay I'll try it..I always get gaggy with whatevs.  Anyhow after trying the new one, I didn't have quite the same reaction, and it's definitely more expensive than all the other ones I've had in the past.  Okay - again..doesn't matter with the story..The point is..I lost it about a week ago..couldn't find it ANYWHERE..Checked all my coat pockets - and well everywhere I could think of.  Even had Gary looking, and he's a master finder.  I have other inhalers, so I used another one, YUCK and it does help, but makes me sick to my stomach and gaggy.  Why am I telling you all of this...I dunno..I am happy to report that I did find it this morning though...yay..behind my night stand..must've fallen behind there.
Enuf with that..

I start Ryobi on Monday.  I am very excited for this new chapter, and it's weird but I'm happy to be going back to an AS/400 shop.  I'm also happy to still be in IT; I think that would've been hard to not have.  I do believe this means that this summer (or when school is out) we'll be moving probably to the Greenwood area.  It is sure interesting how things in life go.  A few years ago we were trying to get Roy and Sarah to move north to be closer to us, and now we're going to move south to be closer to them and my new job.  How interesting, and since they're some of my best friends and family...that should work out GREAT.  

I love you all, and sorry I haven't blogged a while, but I've been trying to stay careful of what I post.  Wasn't wanting anyone to get upset or too happy too soon.

I've also been trying to get ahead with school work, so that isn't a problem for me in the next few weeks.  The Black Box is astounding right now.  We have a lot of kids for sure.

Anyway..have a great weekend and go watch Warm Bodies..