Friday, February 1, 2013

oh yay

Okay - so since this last time I was sick, (bad lung sick) I don't feel that my lungs have gotten even closely back to normal.  My doctor decided that my airways don't stay open enough sometimes - anyway long story short..he wants me using an inhaler - which I have done before and argued about (of course).  He then suggested a new kind and I said, Okay I'll try it..I always get gaggy with whatevs.  Anyhow after trying the new one, I didn't have quite the same reaction, and it's definitely more expensive than all the other ones I've had in the past.  Okay - again..doesn't matter with the story..The point is..I lost it about a week ago..couldn't find it ANYWHERE..Checked all my coat pockets - and well everywhere I could think of.  Even had Gary looking, and he's a master finder.  I have other inhalers, so I used another one, YUCK and it does help, but makes me sick to my stomach and gaggy.  Why am I telling you all of this...I dunno..I am happy to report that I did find it this morning though...yay..behind my night stand..must've fallen behind there.
Enuf with that..

I start Ryobi on Monday.  I am very excited for this new chapter, and it's weird but I'm happy to be going back to an AS/400 shop.  I'm also happy to still be in IT; I think that would've been hard to not have.  I do believe this means that this summer (or when school is out) we'll be moving probably to the Greenwood area.  It is sure interesting how things in life go.  A few years ago we were trying to get Roy and Sarah to move north to be closer to us, and now we're going to move south to be closer to them and my new job.  How interesting, and since they're some of my best friends and family...that should work out GREAT.  

I love you all, and sorry I haven't blogged a while, but I've been trying to stay careful of what I post.  Wasn't wanting anyone to get upset or too happy too soon.

I've also been trying to get ahead with school work, so that isn't a problem for me in the next few weeks.  The Black Box is astounding right now.  We have a lot of kids for sure.

Anyway..have a great weekend and go watch Warm Bodies..

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