Friday, February 15, 2013

200 blog entries??? wow...

Yeah I know right.. This blog makes 200.. And that means some of you have read 200 different ridiculous entries from me..what's wrong with us, right?

Anyway - been a crazy week.  I did an orientation Monday through Wednesday, and it was unlike any I have ever done before, or even have ever heard of.  The way it works at Ryobi is a little different, but interesting.  They put a schedule together for you that gets you running around to all kinds of different departments (and buildings) so that you learn where things are and also what people do.  I have to say, I didn't enjoy the length of some of the meetings, I didn't really enjoy EVERY person I met with, but overall it was a good experience.  I did learn a lot about Die Casting and well, Ryobi in general, so that was good.  Considering I was at Wabash for about 2 years before I even got a tour of the place, this was a fantastic experience and did quickly acclimate me to where things are.  I have also decided that I enjoy a few members of the executive team.  I probably will enjoy them all once I know them all.  I just find people interesting and really like it when I find myself respecting some people quickly.  I said this before, but it is nice to work for someone that "gets it".  And NO I haven't sent him the link to the blogs, so I am not just sucking up.

I say again, I can not believe how many people follow this blog regularly, and sometimes it even freaks me out when someone says, "oh yeah, how did this go" or whatever...and I'm like..huh?..and then I get the, "I saw in your blog..."  How funny...

Gary got me a wireless charging orb for my Nexus 4.  I think I'm going to buy one for my desk.  I seriously love this technology, it's nice to just sit your phone on something to charge it (no plug ins).  Technology is so GREAT.

Today was a good day...Tomorrow will be a good day, too. I hope all of you can make that happen for yourselves, too.  We're meeting with the Milk Building Sunday evening, so cross your fingers that things go well with that.

We need to start landing astronauts on asteroids and having them drill them apart, right?  hmm.. I think that was a movie.

This one is for all of you:

The warmth engulfs me as I walk
Somewhat in fear, somewhat in confidence
Do you see me and hear me
Today may be the only day you have
Tomorrow is lost to us
Follow me here or there
Today is our day
I see you, I hear you and you smile

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