Saturday, February 9, 2013

Thoughts on my week...


We're moving.  I love the job, don't like the drive.  Gary and I have signed on a luxury apartment in Greenwood, and we'll be moving as soon as this school year is over.  Zach is feeling much better about this, now.  Two things I have to say about my impressions of this job so boss...seems to really know what the hell is going on..YAY...and ... The Director of HR is FANTASTIC and actually cares about people.  This week was extremely tiring for me, but the drive is what is causing a lot of that.  It's not even that it's so much longer, but doesn't matter which way I go, traffic isn't fun..

A small review - I now have a Nexus 4 - and I have to say..It's pretty okay.  I do like owning a Google phone, and thanks to my wonderful man, I have one..and the screen is not cracked..

Did some shopping today with Gary and planned out some crock pot cooking, which makes me feel a little better about meals this week.

I've been listening to Beautiful Creatures - That's a good book, glad I will be seeing it next weekend.  Not as good as Legend or Prodigy, but it's still good. This one is about a shunned girl in high school, and a boy that falls for her, but she has all kinds of mysterious powers attached to her.  He has some too, but I'm not sure where that is leading yet.  Actually I'm a few hours from being done with it, and there is still a lot of mystery involved.  I really like that about a book, and it isn't letting me down with too much fluff.

I am also glad we didn't get all of that snow that a lot of people got.  I am hoping for Spring to come quickly as I am sure a lot of you are.  Today is nice and sunny, but still too cold for my bones.  I love you all.  Have a great week to come.

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