Monday, January 30, 2012

Lovin' my Android - Lovin' my Google!

I love my phone.  I am pretty sure I could not live without these things:

My Android
My kids
My Neo
My Car
My Google Everything
These are a few of my favorite no specific order.

Recently I got offered a FREE iPhone 4S...yeah, NO WAY!  I had an iPhone for about 10 minutes (okay so like a few years), but I have went Android and I will NEVER go back.

Here's a few reason's why:
Choices - On the Android devices you are allowed to customize everything..Keyboard, ringtones, text tones, backgrounds, and also each app has it's own settings too.  I have control issues just like Apple, and I want to be in control of my phone.
My phone fully integrates with all of my Google applications.  I update a contact on my phone and BOOM my address book shows it.  Nothing special needed.  My calendar is just there along with all other calendars in Google.  This includes my Google Music account.
I can download apps from anywhere by checking "unknown sources".  This means I have the Market and the Amazon Market.
My GPS talks to me for FREE...
I get true 4G signal on my phone.
Google listens to it's users to make the best operating system available and to all users using open source.

Sometimes my phone and this technology makes me giddy and I can't help it.
I've been reading a lot about Google lately, so that I can write my final paper for this class I'm in about organizational behaviors.  Man...what a place to work.  Sergey and Larry really get it.  I am so terribly glad for Google.  So last weekend I was locked out of my account for a while, and I really had trouble breathing.  I'm pretty sure, a person could have a heart attack from such a thing.  With the help of my Neo we figured it out and I got it all reset.  That was a huge relief.  I'm not sure I could go a whole day without my account.  Panic definitely set in.

I love Google.  I love Android.
BTW..I got the Lotus Launcher - so I have Lotus Notes on my Android now, thanks Josh.  Also got to take a look at a new Razr Max..thanks again Josh..nice phone (need it on ATT)...

Friday, January 27, 2012

My new favorite show. . .

Something really amazing has been happening with me lately.  I think I have fallen in love with the Colbert Report.  Stephen Tyrone Colbert is so so so so funny.  I used to watch him on Jon Stewart, but I didn't get how hilarious he was until recently.  First of all, I like the spoof on parties that he does.  I don't believe he's really republican or democrat.  I've seen him make fun of republicans as much as democrats, and honestly his stuff is just really funny.  He basically has tons of satire in his approach.

Stephen was born in Washington, D.C. and his name used to be pronounced "coal-bert".  He chose to change the pronunciation he uses now when he was at Northwestern University.  He is married with three kids and lives in New Jersey.
I am still a huge Jon Stewart fan, but his show doesn't make my face hurt anymore.  

With quotes like this - 

"I can't prove it, but I can say it."
"I just think Rosa Parks was overrated.  Last time I checked, she got famous for breaking the law."
"You shouldn't listen to us at all if you're looking for information. We don't take ourselves seriously on any level; we're just comedians."
" I must confess that I've never trusted the Web. I've always seen it as a coward's tool. Where does it live? How do you hold it personally responsible? Can you put a distributed network of fiber-optic cable "on notice"? And is it male or female? In other words, can I challenge it to a fight? "  - All Stephen Cobert

How can you not love this guy?

This is about one of the funnies scenes I've seen in a long time.  I almost wet myself I laughed so hard.
Seriously if you have a few minutes you have to watch it.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Why I probably would not make a good president. . .

I am a pretty emotional person, and I'm a girl.  I think being a girl gives me the right to feel the way I feel about anything, and if you don't like it, well tough.  I also believe it's my world and you are all just my play things.
I know when I admitted to everyone a few months ago that I would want to be president, that everyone was going to write me in.  Probably should do that just yet.
Today is one of those days....I'm having trouble not being annoyed by everything and every one.  Sometimes that happens.  I have to give a speech in a bit on professionalism to all of IT and it happens to be on a day that I'm struggling.  Who am I kidding?  It's all about the appearance.
Why on days like today, do I not just stay away from my triggers?  Probably should have just stayed home.  I know it's best to let things roll off, and I know it's healthy to just say, "ah well it's over, so move on.."  Problem is ... I don't feel that way sometimes..
Somedays I want to be a guy.  They have it way easier than us girls.  We have to pee sitting down, or run the risk of wet pants.  We also have so much crap we have to go through, and well guys don't.  They can even just blame their coolness or lack of feeling or forgetfulness on being a guy.  Women have to remember everything and take care of everything and have to be able to multitask and. . . I think I'm tired.
Sometimes I am so moody, and the problem is I'm pretty witty too, so I can and do tear people apart.  Really I'm not even sorry when I do it.  I feel like a lot of people are missing something.  A smart gene or logic maybe.
I can't even point out the things that have happened to make me feel this way today, because I'll undoubtedly hurt someone in the process.
What's crazy - is that yesterday I felt so 'in control' of my emotions..and today I feel well..NOT..Something even crazier is that by the end of the day - I'm probably feel 'in control' again, and I am a woman and that is my right, so there.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

REALLY good stuff. . . Circle ME!

I think everyone is going to love this.
Today, no joke, sitting in my office and someone comes in to chat about a problem, go figure...Anyway, I think it's awesome how egotistical some people are.  He and a few of my employees and I are discussing movies (horror movies) and he out of no where says, and I quote...." Hey I don't usually plug this, but search for ...." (I'm going to change this part, so you can't Google it and know exactly who I'm talking about let's say he said, "best person on earth")  so I Google it and really, it's a page he's made about himself.  REALLY...REALLY??...
I have a very high opinion of myself.  This is why I blog and believe that everyone would LOVE to hear what I say.  Also though, I do this because I like to write and I've thought about writing a book, and dabbled a little, but that takes a lot of commitment and I lack that.  This also takes commitment and I'm hoping that after a while, I'll be able to transition and come up with a lot of great book ideas.  Another writing problem I face is that I want to be original and not come up with anything like any other book I have read.  We'll see how that works out for me.  I'm sure I'll fall in line somewhere.
Anyway, even with all of my ego, I have never thought of creating a website that's title is anything remotely close to "I'm the greatest most perfect. . . " anything, and .... Also to say "I don't usually plug this. . ." to me..REALLY..he doesn't even know me. So obviously if I can have a 2 minute conversation with you and you already told me this, then well. . . I think you probably do "plug" it.
I do really think it's great when I meet someone who has a high opinion of themselves. Like my buddy Josh for instance, He's GREAT and he KNOWS it, and I do too...and my Gary - - He loves himself and that's cool I love him too...and Zack - He also thinks he's all that and a bag of chips and I agree with that mostly...But they're all kinda funny about how they admit to it.  Even they would not make a website telling the world how great they are.  There would be no need to, cuz they just know it and those around them know how they feel, it's kinda like everyone knows that I'm confident and happy most of the time.  And also I'm just cool, but I can tell you all that in here...I changed my G+ picture and my profile picture on Facebook..check it out..Lovein' it...
In case you need help - We're circling a tree (huge tree in CA)and I say "I'd circle me"..funny stuff.. .

Monday, January 23, 2012

Google Doc's...

You know what..I just realized how cool today that the templates are in Google Docs.  Seriously there are all kinds of templates out there for the taking.  I'm currently writing a paper about Google's Organizational Behaviors, so if anyone would like to add anything, please do.  I was trying to find evidence of Google being an Agile environment, but all I can find is where they practice a lot of the same methodology as Agile development.  If anyone can help, let me know.


Friday, January 20, 2012

some things shake you to the core. . .

Today I'm seriously thinking that the universe is talking to me.  Maybe it's God.  I'm not sure, but obviously I've been involved in a lot of accident stuff in my life for a reason.  I do believe I'm going to start taking some first aid, emergency responder classes somewhere.  I've worked at Wabash for 10 years this year, and in that time I've seen countless accidents on State Road 52, but I keep driving it because it's much safer than I-65.  A few years back was the first really creepy accident, in which I was driving behind a Ford Explorer that rolled in the median on a semi-snowy day.  I was the first to stop and ran up to the upside down car with the tires still moving and there were children crying from inside the car.  They were thankfully strapped in, but I got in to release them from their carseats before anyone else had stopped.  This was my first real contact with an accident with any type of injuries.  The mom had not been wearing a seat belt and had some massive bruising, but no really bad injuries.
A few weeks ago, Mom and I were in the 15 car pile up, and then last week, when it was snowing, Zach and I were in Indy and a car went air bound in front of us and off the road.  I had trouble stopping and there were tons of cars behind me, so we went on during that one.  Also the car landed on it's tires and looked like there was probably no true injuries.

This leads me to last night.  I was on my way home on 52 as normal, and yeah it was icy but not too bad.  There was a line of cars due to the fact that I65 had an accident that had people sitting.  I was behind a van and then a SUV of some sort and then I watched the van go off the road in front of us.

Anyway long story short. . . It was another accident and it was a scary one in which a young woman (Purdue Student) was trapped in the car.  Myself and a few other initial wonderful people waited there for emergency medical people to get there.   It was scary and it was not a lot of fun, but I believe the young lady is going to be okay.  This has made me think though about how I do drive a road that tends to have a lot of accidents on it.  This year seems more slick for some reason.  I wish that we could get ahead of the snow/ice.  Anyway...It seems I need to have some medical training after all, and I believe I'm gonna look into that.
Let's hope that's all this year.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

So I've been in love before, but this time. . .

He's got a beautiful silver coat, and he's quite young.  Say Hello to my brand new Nissan Altima. I have been trying to decide what to name him, and I think I've decided on "Watts".  I know that it's kinda silly, but Ernest Cline's book "Ready Player One" is the first book I'm listening to in the new car, and "Ernie" doesn't seem like the right name for him.
Let's talk about that a moment - I love "Ready Player One"  - What a fantastic geek book.  I also have a new love for Wil Wheaton's voice.  (I know, right? I didn't think it'd happen either, something about guys who read to me.)  I like to imagine that he's not as cocky as he seems in "Big Bang Theory".  I hope I'm right about that.  Also, Wil is in my circles on G+ and I like it that he's a Reddit junkie. And lately when I say "It's read by Wil Wheaton to people," I actually say "WWWHHHHeaton" in reference to Stuey.  (Sorry Wil, but it's kinda funny)

Anyway - "Ready Player One" has so much reference to the 80's, it would be hard to anyone my age to not love the book.  It's about a guy named Wade Watts in the year 2044, and our world is falling apart.  Oasis is a virtual world that was created by James Halliday.  Halliday has hidden Easter Eggs throughout his planets in the virtual world that will win a person his entire fortune.  

Here check it out:,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_cp.,cf.osb&biw=1440&bih=732&ion=1&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=shop&cid=16946618677983026497&sa=X&ei=5VcYT6_TPMTLtgfg_YykCw&sqi=2&ved=0CEMQ8wIwAw

I'm only about half way through right now, so I'm not sure how it ends.

Friday, January 13, 2012

update. . .

Went back to the Dr. yesterday.
We're doing a Small Bowel Follow Through on Tuesday.
Gary, Zach and I are all sick of dealing with whatever this is, so hopefully we find out something helpful.  Zach is such a great kid, it would sure be nice to get past all this.
It's interesting to me though to see how much doctor's guess.  They started him on a new medication (another medication - while he still continues the others) called "Dicyclomine".  This one is for irritable bowel even though that's not really what he has.  They think that maybe it will keep him from having the spasm in his colon after he eats.  We'll see.  This medicine is a three times a day thing.  I'm over all the meds, that's for sure.

So also last night was try-outs for the Willy Wonka play.  My kid doesn't care one bit which part he gets, he just loves acting.  I was proud of him as always.  He sang "Tonight, Tonight" even though I protested before hand, but it's Jenn's song and so he wanted to sing it, and he did a Mike Teavee monologue.  I am seeing how he's getting a bit more nervous as he gets older.  He read script parts, and I was surprised by his reading ability.  He's quick and shows emotion nicely, even when he's never read it before.  I do love him so much.

Mark your calendars!!
So everyone knows - His play date is the evening of April 20, and the afternoon of April 21.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Emotions . . .

I think about you, very often.  I miss you just as often.  I know we talk almost every day, and that you and I are tight, but I miss seeing you and looking into your baby blue eyes.  Often times, when I'm with you, I start missing you before we part.
I remember. . . I remember so much of the way things used to be, but I'm fairly sure you don't.  It's good that you don't, because I wouldn't want you to long for the past the way that I sometimes do.
You are such a bright light in my life.  Just a few words from you and my pain all slips away.  I know that things could have been different, and sometimes I'm sorry that things are the way that they are.
I love you a million Swedish fish my cherub baby, and no matter what you do or where you go, I promise you that will never change.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Princess Peach

I find the princess quite disturbing, and I'm calling for Nintendo to change it up.   How about this, the next Mario game could have Mario getting abducted by a Bowser Girl baby who's in love with him for once? I mean seriously, this is 2012 and girls just aren't that wimpy, and if they are, well then we should just let Big Bowser keep her.
I'm sick of the reference that women are weak and I swear that those games portray that.  Now, don't get me wrong, me loves me some Mario, more than any other game out there actually.  I just would like to have a different hero I guess.  I'd be okay with Daisy actually being the hero also.
Could we have them wear cooler colors, too?  I mean enough pink and yellow.  I'm calling for a blue jumpsuit instead of the 50's dresses.  Or maybe a ninja suit.
Oh I got it.  The next game could be a ninja as the hero, and Mario and Luigi are being held somewhere, by Bowser or who cares, and then the ninja takes her hood off the last level and revels the girl hero.  Maybe also when she should be able to kick and slide and punch.
I'm completely over the wimpy girl story.  Anyone with me?

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Congrats to David with Love. . .

Good looking young adults
We just got home from San Antonio.  David, my son, graduated from the Air Force basic training at Lackland, AFB.  Very nice ceremonies and very gorgeous young man.  He's grown nicely and quickly into a man, and I am very proud of him.  Of course, he still would rather play video games than actually spend time with me.  I'm quite used to that though.

San Antonio River Walk
San Antonio was much prettier this visit.  The last time I was there it was like 110 degrees.  This was a comfortable 70's and the lights for Christmas were still up.  It was like a wonderland.  Beautiful.

David's Coin

Check this - David knows how to make his bed.  This is something that I never ever thought I'd see.  And he was on the top bunk which is something that I've heard him and Zach argue about multiple times in the last 10 years or so.
Another really interesting thing, for anyone who knows David...Look to the right - Yeah that's right he was totally organized.  I asked him how much he got in trouble for not being, and he said that he rarely got yelled at.  I'm pretty sure he did whatever was needed (including having his bunk mate help him roll his socks) to keep from getting everyone in trouble.  Something else I noticed during this trip to be with him.  He was much more mature and quiet.  Used to be that he wanted to talk a lot, and he seemed like he wanted to listen more.

I love all of my kids very much, and I am very proud of each of them.  David will now go to training still in Texas for about 6 months.  Hopefully I'll hear from him more often now though.  Oh yeah...another interesting tidbit...David gained 20 lbs in 8 weeks.  He's very buff right now..It is very nice..
I love you, buddy..and always will..

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sometimes we're just dumb. . .

Okay - I am so thoroughly sick of a few things and since this is totally my blog, I'm gonna tell you all about it.

I would like to preface this by saying, that I am a Christian and that I can have the beliefs that I have and maintain my own relationship with God.

At some point in our civilized lives we've decided that the way that we vote for president works, even though clearly people are rarely happy (even those that vote for the candidate) in the end.  My question is this -  -  If we're a democracy truly, why don't we change the process?  Very few people seem to really think campaign ads do anything but upset American's - so why do our candidates keep doing it, and why do we as a democracy allow it to happen?  I didn't really spend time to understand what the Iowa Caucus was until today (I know..I'm 34 and I should know these things) but REALLY?  Why can we not all decide who's running for president together?  Better yet, why don't we let EVERYONE that wants to run, and then as smart educated people we vote for them.  It shouldn't be about money alone, and it somehow is...  And also, how do all of the smart people in this nation not see how corrupt this whole process is?  I'm completely tired of the insanity..  "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results" - Albert Einstein

I realize that I am alone in some of my thinking, or I must be, cuz surely if a lot of people felt this way, things would change.  Alright - Also there is recycling - why are we not being forced to do this yet?  Why is our government (I know most conservatives thing being forced by the gov is wrong) not funding our trash companies to do this for us as a federal law?  Do you know how quickly we're ruining this planet and how much trash we generate a year?  Here check this out - - -   To me this seems like a no brainer.  People take care of our planet, we wouldn't throw trash on the floor of our home, so stop putting so much in landfills.

It seems like there are so many traditional things that we do as a society, just because it's always been done that way.  I feel like it's time to take hold and make changes, just like in business, you can't just keep running things the wrong way forever and say that we do it like that for the reason that it's always been done like that.  Change is good, if it's for the common good.

If everyone would really think about love and doing the best for one and other, things would change.  We wouldn't allow people to hurt our brothers and sisters and mothers and fathers.  I wish everyone would wake up in our "Stepford" wives society and realize that changes are needed.  How about for a few years (like maybe 20) our government and our citizens of this nation concentrate on things that are really hurting people right now?  (getting back on my soapbox) Okay like seriously people want to argue of prayer in schools?? Who cares?  My kid doesn't say the pledge but he is allowed to sing songs about Christ in his choir.  I'm not at all concerned about this, but I think it's weird that we want to tramp on anyone's rights of speech.  I do think it is only fair that if a child doesn't want to say the pledge or sing about whatever, for their beliefs then great and that's okay.  I do think things like this (stupid) should be not introduced in campaigning for president.

I'm not even really sure if the idea of the Presidency should be evaluated.  Why do we have one man as a figure head for our country?  It's not as if he makes decisions.  We do have congress and the why do we need him?  Why can't we re-evaluate the whole thing and start over with a new constitution.  We could use it as a basis, but there is no reason to just follow tradition there?  I like the idea of people truly deciding things.  Why can't I decide whether we go to war?  Why can't we vote on the issues and not for people?

Anyhow just some of my random thoughts.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Crash yesterday

Most of you know already that Mom and I were in the large 465 pile up near Mann Rd.  We're both fine.  We were shaken a bit, but thankful that it was not worse.
I do have a few things I want to point out about the accident that I found interesting.  First of all, time does slow down when something like that is happening.  It's too bad you can't make your brain do that all the time, but the few seconds did take longer before impact.  I had time to think, brace yourself and close your eyes.  Also, the first few minutes after the accident when everything stopped moving were eerie.  Like it was too calm and quiet.
I am full of nervous energy and talk talk talk sometimes. So, talk about foreshadowing.  Yesterday when mom was coming up to a stop sign and I got nervous, I said, "If you're gonna get into an accident, make sure it's a small one."  Then later on our trip I was talking about how a Kroger truck needed a new trailer, cuz I could tell it was old.  Anyway..We did get into a BIG accident and. . . the Kroger truck I was talking about, came two inches from rolling all over us.  He didn't hit us, which was great and eventually he snaked his way through us with all the other traffic until the help showed up.

All of that accident could have been avoided if the roads had any salt on them.  I believe the city should be ashamed of itself.  They were all bragging about how they saved so much money on snow removal so far.

Special shout out to the firefighters from Decatur Township.  They were fantastic and let us hang in their truck while we waited on my brother to show up.  After the Hix guy said he "would not take us to the next exit"..we were stranded in 20 degree snow.

So today, I feel a little slower than normal and a little like I had an intense workout yesterday, but I am really happy to be here today.

Yeah that's mom and I and her poor car