Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Crash yesterday

Most of you know already that Mom and I were in the large 465 pile up near Mann Rd.  We're both fine.  We were shaken a bit, but thankful that it was not worse.
I do have a few things I want to point out about the accident that I found interesting.  First of all, time does slow down when something like that is happening.  It's too bad you can't make your brain do that all the time, but the few seconds did take longer before impact.  I had time to think, brace yourself and close your eyes.  Also, the first few minutes after the accident when everything stopped moving were eerie.  Like it was too calm and quiet.
I am full of nervous energy and talk talk talk sometimes. So, talk about foreshadowing.  Yesterday when mom was coming up to a stop sign and I got nervous, I said, "If you're gonna get into an accident, make sure it's a small one."  Then later on our trip I was talking about how a Kroger truck needed a new trailer, cuz I could tell it was old.  Anyway..We did get into a BIG accident and. . . the Kroger truck I was talking about, came two inches from rolling all over us.  He didn't hit us, which was great and eventually he snaked his way through us with all the other traffic until the help showed up.

All of that accident could have been avoided if the roads had any salt on them.  I believe the city should be ashamed of itself.  They were all bragging about how they saved so much money on snow removal so far.

Special shout out to the firefighters from Decatur Township.  They were fantastic and let us hang in their truck while we waited on my brother to show up.  After the Hix guy said he "would not take us to the next exit"..we were stranded in 20 degree snow.

So today, I feel a little slower than normal and a little like I had an intense workout yesterday, but I am really happy to be here today.

Yeah that's mom and I and her poor car

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Nik said...

I didn't know you were in an accident. :( I'm glad you are both ok though! 465 is terrible in bad weather. When I got in my bad accident in 2007 it was on 465.

Maybe it's just the size of the pic, but the car doesn't look too bad. Hopefully it will be an easy fix. :)