Friday, January 20, 2012

some things shake you to the core. . .

Today I'm seriously thinking that the universe is talking to me.  Maybe it's God.  I'm not sure, but obviously I've been involved in a lot of accident stuff in my life for a reason.  I do believe I'm going to start taking some first aid, emergency responder classes somewhere.  I've worked at Wabash for 10 years this year, and in that time I've seen countless accidents on State Road 52, but I keep driving it because it's much safer than I-65.  A few years back was the first really creepy accident, in which I was driving behind a Ford Explorer that rolled in the median on a semi-snowy day.  I was the first to stop and ran up to the upside down car with the tires still moving and there were children crying from inside the car.  They were thankfully strapped in, but I got in to release them from their carseats before anyone else had stopped.  This was my first real contact with an accident with any type of injuries.  The mom had not been wearing a seat belt and had some massive bruising, but no really bad injuries.
A few weeks ago, Mom and I were in the 15 car pile up, and then last week, when it was snowing, Zach and I were in Indy and a car went air bound in front of us and off the road.  I had trouble stopping and there were tons of cars behind me, so we went on during that one.  Also the car landed on it's tires and looked like there was probably no true injuries.

This leads me to last night.  I was on my way home on 52 as normal, and yeah it was icy but not too bad.  There was a line of cars due to the fact that I65 had an accident that had people sitting.  I was behind a van and then a SUV of some sort and then I watched the van go off the road in front of us.

Anyway long story short. . . It was another accident and it was a scary one in which a young woman (Purdue Student) was trapped in the car.  Myself and a few other initial wonderful people waited there for emergency medical people to get there.   It was scary and it was not a lot of fun, but I believe the young lady is going to be okay.  This has made me think though about how I do drive a road that tends to have a lot of accidents on it.  This year seems more slick for some reason.  I wish that we could get ahead of the snow/ice.  Anyway...It seems I need to have some medical training after all, and I believe I'm gonna look into that.
Let's hope that's all this year.

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Piderman said...

I can give you my log in info to my Emt textbook and stuff online and you're welcome to just go through it. It's got lecture slideshows and videos and quizzes and stuff. It's pretty cool. Just let me know.