Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Change in a year

It's amazing how fast days and months and years go by the older you get, but something I thought of the other day was "It's almost Christmas again, but Wow..it was this time last year, when I lost the job I thought I'd be a retiree at."  I know...Who would have thought that such an irritating turn of events would put me where I am today?  I have to say, there is NO other company I would want to work for.  I just found out today that if we actually use our 6 volunteer days, we get 1000 dollars to put towards our charity of choice.  There is not really another company I can think of that does all this wonderful things for it's employees and the community, and how do they find the perfect people to be around?  I dunno, but it's totally fantastic.

A year ago, when I was planning zach's birthday bash, we were in Lebanon and I was broke because of the business and no job, yet we made a great day for the boy.  This year, it's such a strange place to be.  We're in Greenwood, which is feeling like home more and more.

Life is just one weird change after another, and I remember feeling like my life was falling all apart.  Actually I've had that feeling twice in one year.  (almost a desperation)  I'm glad I gave up my control of the situation and let God lead me. I am in love with my life and with my man and with my kids and well just about everything.  I wish you all a happy light at the end of the tunnel.

To all my Wabasheans - I still miss you all.  I will probably always miss you, but na na a boo boo I have it way better than you. ;)