Thursday, August 29, 2013

You'll want to read the whole thing. . .

There are some things about living in an apartment on the third floor that SUCK.  Like yesterday I left my keys in my car (yeah, I have a push button starter key that was in my pocket, but when I left to go meet my beautiful new niece, I locked up and took my keys to the car).  This meant that this morning, I was the last one out and I decided not to even lock the door cuz I was too lazy to walk down to my car and then back up.  Another thing that has happened to me a few times is that I forget the key fab in the apartment and get to my car and realize and then have to come all the way back up.  Not to mention that shopping and carrying stuff up the stairs really is so much FUN..I know this is all small really, but they're just things I decided to complain about.  I do have things in my life that aren't all peachy all the time, just not that much.

So. . . I also had a moment of intense sadness today.  It didn't last a really long time, and the reason is quite personal, but I did actually feel the feeling and let tears flow for a few minutes and then, I got better.  I decided that I couldn't keep feeling that way.  It was a new thing for me.  I am really working on feeling bad emotions and letting them go.  I don't mean forgetting or not recognizing them, it's just that so many things can't be changed by you feeling bad about it, so I don't want to dwell anymore on the bad or the sad.  I challenge you to do the same, it is sure liberating to know that you don't have to carry that load.

Now on to a happy thought..
Transport - yes, they can transport atoms across the room now, how long do you think it will take to transport a person around the world?  Do you realize that less than 100 years ago was when we first went into space..?  Can you even fathom how far in technology we've come in the past 50 years, heck how about the last 10?  I'm so excited to see what happens in the next 10.

Did you know that Cottonelle has a wet wipe for adults that is flush-able?  I didn't either until I did some research on a common household item for my Marketing class.  Yeah seriously, they need to be more out there with that one.  I think I might try it.  This is gonna sound ridiculous, but it was only a few weeks ago that I was thinking about how really gross it is that we wipe our butts with dry paper.  How clean can that really make you?  :)

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

We're having a baby. . .

No - DUH...not me...that would so not be cool. . .
So tomorrow is a very exciting day.  My new baby niece will be here in the morning, and I will go meet her for the first time in the evening.  Pretty happy about all that.

So. . . Have you ever seen someone or known someone that has a mean resting face?  My bro mentioned that to me the other day when we saw a poster of a couple of mean looking but beautiful women.  He said, "Those are some mean resting faces."  I have been noticing mean faces ever since.  There was this man walking down the road downtown yesterday that had a frown face so big, I don't think that if he did smile the cracks of his mouth would even break an even plain.  I wish people as a whole seemed happier.

It is way cool to work at ET.  I seriously think there are so many people that think their jobs are good, but they have NO idea how good it could be.  Like I know that I liked working at Wabash, but  . . . Wabash National has NOTHING on ExactTarget.  This is the most fantastic place ever.  I've been there almost a month and I can't believe it's been that long.  I'm not saying the job is easy, because it's definitely a lot to learn fast, but it is so nice to work at a place that knows that they're force feeding you information and that you are not going to fly on day one.  Although, I have taken a few cases this week and closed them...yay...
Got a new pair of Orange Converse and wore them today.  Orange - what a great color.

Last nights -- Newsroom  - - - Whoa right...I'm glad we finally found out what the lawyers were actually doing, and that it ended the way it did.  LOVE that show.

So I started using Spotify this week.  It's interesting that I've had an account for a long time, but just realized how cool it really is.  Awesome how it learns what I want to listen to on my radio channels.  Music is GREAT.  Hey, did you know that at Ryobi, I was told that  we were not ALLOWED to listen to music.  How crazy is that...?  Anyway, I think music is a staple that I will never live without at work again.

Monday, August 19, 2013


It's kinda hard to blog often when all you can do is talk about how great things are going. I don't want anything to jinx things, and that sounds superstitious.  I could talk about how things seem overwhelming sometimes. Learning lots and started school back up and Black Box fall sessions starting.. Lots of stuff.. BUT.....
ExactTarget is a fabutastic place to work. It's nice to know all these people I'm meeting. They are likeable and soft, but not soft like you're thinking. I worked at a foundry last and the people were hard there. The kinds that hold grudges and are just tough.. That's not bad either, but not laid back and comfortable. This is a new kind of love... It's great. 
New John Mayer cd out tomorrow.. Not a Huge fan anymore, but i got it anyway.  Maybe I'll review later.

We'll anyway
Love you
Xoxo.. Millions and infinity

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Happy happy happy

I'm making some yummy spicy chili for dinner. I was so happy when I went out at lunch today and the weather was so perfect and the people downtown are so fun to watch, even without gencon. I admit I am excited about lunch tomorrow though. Maybe I'll get some awesome pictures. I am definitely going to take a walk.
I have to say that I believe more than ever that everything happens for a reason. There are a few people from Ryobi that I really miss and I can only figure they were the reason for that time in my life, but i feel so awake and vibrant now. I love technology and actually being able to help people with problems. I think this job, in thanks to my brother, is sent from Heaven.
Downtown is something I never expected to like. I was so wrong. So I'm a people watcher as most of you know, and today I stopped in Starbucks to get an ice coffee. While I was waiting, I noticed a guy sitting at the counter was coloring on a little food baggie. Not only coloring but intently coloring a scribble mess, but i think to him it was a masterpiece. I found this fantastic. I, of course, knowing people would not necessarily believe me, decided to take a few pictures that were completely unbeknownst to him. I will not post them or anything, because I obviously judged him, and it was completely wrong of me. I love people though and observing down there is really interesting to me. Consider this my confession to the world.

Don't forget tonight is a new duck dynasty.

Love you all.
Xoxo.. Millions and infinity

Thursday, August 8, 2013


Wow.. Been a long time since the last one. I wasn't sure what to say or what not to say for a bit now, didn't want to jinx things. I can honestly say that I am in love with ExactTarget. I cannot believe how wonderful it is to be orange. The people are great along with the product and concept. We just had a four day on-boarding training the was a group of people from all different walks. It was fantastic.

Yeah so yesterday was my birthday and I am very thankful for all of you that let me know you were thinking of me. Of course, I am feeling a little old and this year was the first so far that I've felt that way. Also it interesting to work at a company where the average age is probably 30.

Its weird at Ryobi I only felt like I connected at all with 2 people and this week alone I feel so much a part of everything and everyone at ExactTarget.  I have a fb friend from Sweden now even. He's Italian, but lives in Sweden. Also met a Scottish woman living in Australia now. Been an amazing week. I hope I always feel this way. Weird to almost be excited about what tomorrow brings at work. I'm certain I have never felt that way before.

Also this week I started a marketing course (back to the Masters Program). How fitting is it that I started a marketing class and started at a wonderful marketing company in one week? Very cool how things work out.

So.. In case anyone is interested.. Almost caught up now on Game of Thrones. Very awesome show.

K... Loving you
Missing most of you too..
Xoxo.. Millions and infinity