Tuesday, August 27, 2013

We're having a baby. . .

No - DUH...not me...that would so not be cool. . .
So tomorrow is a very exciting day.  My new baby niece will be here in the morning, and I will go meet her for the first time in the evening.  Pretty happy about all that.

So. . . Have you ever seen someone or known someone that has a mean resting face?  My bro mentioned that to me the other day when we saw a poster of a couple of mean looking but beautiful women.  He said, "Those are some mean resting faces."  I have been noticing mean faces ever since.  There was this man walking down the road downtown yesterday that had a frown face so big, I don't think that if he did smile the cracks of his mouth would even break an even plain.  I wish people as a whole seemed happier.

It is way cool to work at ET.  I seriously think there are so many people that think their jobs are good, but they have NO idea how good it could be.  Like I know that I liked working at Wabash, but  . . . Wabash National has NOTHING on ExactTarget.  This is the most fantastic place ever.  I've been there almost a month and I can't believe it's been that long.  I'm not saying the job is easy, because it's definitely a lot to learn fast, but it is so nice to work at a place that knows that they're force feeding you information and that you are not going to fly on day one.  Although, I have taken a few cases this week and closed them...yay...
Got a new pair of Orange Converse and wore them today.  Orange - what a great color.

Last nights -- Newsroom  - - - Whoa right...I'm glad we finally found out what the lawyers were actually doing, and that it ended the way it did.  LOVE that show.

So I started using Spotify this week.  It's interesting that I've had an account for a long time, but just realized how cool it really is.  Awesome how it learns what I want to listen to on my radio channels.  Music is GREAT.  Hey, did you know that at Ryobi, I was told that  we were not ALLOWED to listen to music.  How crazy is that...?  Anyway, I think music is a staple that I will never live without at work again.

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