Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Purple People Eater . . .

Really couldn't come up with a subject for this one, so there you have it.  Did it get you reading, or where you going to read anyway?

So, I have been thinking about blogging for a few days, and whether I should blog about feelings and emotions, or in this one, just blog about something funny or interesting.  Funny how for me, sometimes it all comes together.  I have strong feelings about a lot of interesting and funny things, so woot woot for you, you get to read all about them.

Today's thoughts:  My book, what do I want the book I'm writing to actually be.  I started it a LONG time ago, and I say it, but really I should say them.  I have a small collection of partially written books, and I'm going to piece them together and see what I come up with.  What I'm struggling with is the actual thesis of the book, since a lot of the characters in the many little books, could easily be main characters for a big one.

Another thought:  My Jenn is gonna be back in a few days..I'm really stoked about that.  She's a ton of fun.  We're gonna see Train, Mat Kearney and Andy Grammer.  I am really excited about that.  Also gonna have a cookout this weekend, and well just some overall happy times.

Thought 57:  Why don't dentists come up with a better way?  I do not like drills.  I do not like aching and at least if my mouth has to hurt after you do work in there give me some morphine or something to make me happy.

Thought 232:  It's starting to look a lot like fall, and it's not even August.

Thought 332:  Why doesn't the tv line-up people realize that there are some us of lame asses that like to watch tv even in the summer....especially when it is this HOT outside?

Thought 337:  I am supposed to go hang with Jimmy Buffett tonight, but my tummy has been not feeling so good for a few days.  I'm hoping it cools off nicely...Doubt I'll feel like a margarita.

BTW..I posted some videos from the Little Black Box Red Carpet event.  Check them out.

okay good enough for now.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Google - Oh Google - Let me count the ways

Okay people - If you were at all confused about the most awesome company on earth before, let me help you figure this out...Google is sorta taking over everything.  They're not out to cheat or hurt anyone though, which makes them by far the coolest place out there.  So...as if they weren't good enough with the email, docs, apps in general, sites, and also the mobile Android OS, (oh and the CRAZY self driving cars http://techcrunch.com/2012/07/12/eric-schmidt-google-self-driving-cars-should-become-the-predominant-mode-of-transport-in-our-lifetime/) Now they released Google Fiber.  I wish wish wish, I could tell you how exciting this is.  I wish you'd understand.. Okay - Oh also, how cool is it that Google has Drive and now they even have the Nexus 7, and by the way - I LOVE my Nexus 7.  I love Jelly Beans I love Google.
Google is offering an amazing deal with fiber - seriously https://fiber.google.com/about/ check it out..

There are so many Googley things now, that I can't even cover all of them in one blog.  Let's talk for a few minutes about my Nexus, just cuz I'm bored, and well He's FANTASTIC.  Yes, he's a HE too..like my car and everything else that I own..heehee  https://play.google.com/store/devices?utm_source=ha-gdn&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=sem
Okay - So, I have owned quite a few devices in my time.  Android and Apple both.  I have to say that Google has outdone themselves again with the release of the Nexus 7.  First of all, it cost me $200.  And they gave me $25 to spend at the Store (Play) on anything I wanted.  Seriously - it's as good as any other tablet out there...well better actually and it was cheap.  Anyone can get one, it's not like an apple product where they're targeting the higher end consumer.  Google wants to make it available to all.  It reminds me a bit of the Kindle Fire - but it's a Google device preloaded with all my google apps, and easily puts your store stuff on there for you (whatever's in the cloud)...Seriously - NO comparison.  Okay - I choose the Nexus 7 over the iPad any day.  Now...I must say, that from a work (business) prospective, for all my nerdy techy friends, I realize that there are things that 10 inches do, that a 7 inch device would make more difficult (keep your minds out of the gutter)..I do love toys..

Letter to my Grandpa

Dear Pa,

So a lot has happened in the last few months.  I feel like I need to tell you what's been going on.  I always felt like you being proud of me was one of the top things in my life.  You're half smile when I'd tell you something funny always made me so tickled.  It's weird for me that I can't talk to you about anything in my life these days.  I can't tell you what is bothering me or what makes me happy, and I know writing you a letter doesn't do anything really.  It's all for me.
You remember me telling you about Zach and the acting thing.  I know Grandma did, cuz she wanted to see everything involved in it, well, I started a business after you died.  It's a small acting theater building for children.  It's a community thing, and I know you'd be proud of the initiative.
I miss you.  I wish you were still here and that we could talk through stuff.  Sometimes I think you were the person that kept me sane. You knew me so well, and I feel like at times no one else really gets it.  Things always happen for a reason, and everyone you meet and everything you go through shape you into who you become.  I am really grateful to have had such a wonderful man as you in my life.  I'm grateful for having a personality that is so close to what you had.  You loved me so much, and I you.
I've learned that as you go through life, there are those people that you connect with on a deeper level than others.  There are people that can glance into your soul as it is, and know what is important and how you work.  A lot of people are so easy to read and understand what drives them, and then you meet someone like me, someone like you...and they're all over the place and scattered and well Deeper than others...I love deep.  I love people that are deep and people that get that it's not always a surface thing.  I have always been someone that never really cared what people thought much of me or at least that's what I thought.  Recently though, I realized that I do care about that.  I care that people that I want to think good of me do think good of me.  I am a good person, and I want the world to remember me as such.  I do not like hurting people, and it feels like I do that a lot.   I like being in control, and sometimes you can't control anything.  People are going to have their own feelings and emotions, and you sometimes do not have any control over what they think of you or what they're feeling.  Take you for instance, you were so depressed after Grandma died, and nothing any of us did, could make that better.  Man, I miss her, too.
Things are hard sometimes, and life is such a funny thing and it goes so quickly and then you're just not there one day for all the people that love you.  I can only hope that some day someone misses me and keeps me alive the way I do with you.  I will always hold you so near.  You always even still today put things into a different prospective for me.  Thinking of your responses to me, always makes me look at things in a better way.
This degree is coming to a close for me, and soon, I'll enter the Master's program.  I know the younger you would have had much to talk about with me recently.  I miss talking to you passionately about my political views :)..No one else enjoys talking to me about that..*smile*  Honestly, I don't think anyone on this planet now enjoys me as much as you always seemed to.  You were the best GRANDPA in the whole world..Hands down and I miss you so much.
Something else, completely off the subject and mostly just me complaining, but I would tell you this if you were here today, so...Why is it that people do NOT get that in today's world....we do not have to print everything.  Personal printers are a nice to have, but not a necessity mostly, kinda like paying bills with checks.  No real need for it.  We have digital for a reason.  And I know how you felt about all that, and it makes me smile to say it.  Don't worry Pa, "spacebook" won't get you.
"I love me, too"

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

How I feel...

I love you, Gary Allen Graham.  I know that I put you through a lot, and I know that the world is changing around us, and changing us.
This year has been very stressful for us.  I have picked up many new "things" in my life, but even with the universe pulling me in all directions, one thing remains true:  I will never love another like you.
I guess maybe saying that isn't good enough though, because I tell everyone I love them, and I don't love anyone the same, as I reminded myself today.  I guess something more would be, that we've been together a long time, and you get me still.  I know I'm not easy to "get" either; I'm a wild and crazy chic.  Thanks for always being my NEO.

Book Reviews

As I've gone through parenthood, I've chosen to listen/read books that my children like.  It's kinda a bonding thing, and they've liked it.  It's been good for me also.
Last night a good friend asked me about books that might interest her 10 year old daughter.  She likes books that have a strong female character.
The first books that came to mind for me were written by Tamora Pierce.  The series that I absolutely loved was the "Protector of the Small".  This series follows a young woman through knighthood.
Another book series that I liked that had strong female characters, believe it or not, is the "House of Night" Series - I love the relationship between Zoey and her grandmother and also it's kinda a kick ass Vampire series.
Madeline L'Engle's "Time" Quintet was my favorite as a young reader, still a great read as an adult.
Orson Scott Card is by far my favorite author these days - Pathfinder and Lost Gate would be good boy picks along with the "Ender's Game" series.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Feelings of a Divorced Momma

Living without my child for a period of time, is never a good feeling.  I know that over the years, I have grown more accustom to him being at his dads.  I know his dad does take care of him.  I know that his dad loves him, too.  I am happy that they seem to get along better as time goes on.  I am happy that going to his dad's bothers him less and less.
Usually, I don't cry anymore.  Usually, I have a little bit of a feeling of relief (I know, bad momma), but it's nice to have a break from time to time.  Then there are those moments, when I feel so overwhelmed by the emotion that I get no Zach hugs for three weeks.
The summer is tough.  There are longer stretches, and being apart is hard for me.  I want openness where I can talk to him and hug him whenever.  I do get that he's growing and soon enough he'll getting a job and then be moving away to college, and I'll feel the empty nest all the time.  I just love him bunches, and I don't like the loneliness feeling I have without him around.  I know he misses me, too, but he's a boy and he's pretty okay with anything.  He's a really good boy.
I have cried so many times over my kids.  It's such a weird thing.  They make me the happiest and the saddest of all people in my life.  If I had this extremes with anyone else, I'd leave them.  ;)

I love my babies, and even if they aren't babies anymore.  I love all three of them with my whole heart.  I wish and hope they know this.  Each child is so completely different, and yet I wouldn't trade any of them for the entire world.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I miss you

Your smell...I miss your smell and the feel of your touch on my skin.  I miss the way my hair raises around you and the comfort feeling I get when you're there.  I miss so many things about you..You create a beauty in everything you touch.  Something we're all missing without you near.  OH, RAIN...Yeah, I'm talking about rain, who did you think I was talking about?  I miss you.  I feel like you've left me and it does seem a little depressing.  Please come back.  I used to love the smell of fresh cut grass...I miss that, too.

Everyone do a rain dance at once please.  Love you all.

Friday, July 13, 2012

My Girl. . .

So my girl leaves today for a few weeks..

It's so perfect how much I love her.  It's not often when I can honestly say that someone truly gets me.  She's calmer than I am, and more laid back about everything, (not to mention so much more beautiful) but she and I have so much in common.  It is often strange to me that she isn't my actual spawn.  (heehee..I love that word)  I feel sad that she's leaving, but at the same time, I'm so happy I have had so much time with her this summer.  I'm also happy that she will look forward to coming back in a few weeks.  I hope she always realizes how absolutely special she is.  I don't want her to have a big head about it, but she's a GREAT kid.  All of my kids are great kids, I was totally blessed with that.  I wish my oldest son would tell me he loves me back someday, but. . . .

No crying today.  Maybe a bit of depression, but no crying.  I love you Jennifer Danielle.  Be safe, and know.  Millions and Millions ...always and forever...BTW...You are my best girl friend in the WHOLE world and always will be.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Pet Peeves - You guessed it...I have lots of 'em.

Okay - so I can't let a week go by and not BLOG - that'd be crazy.

I was trying to decide what to write about today when someone sent me a message and it helped me figure out my topic.  Yes, this stuff really does happen to me.  Yes, I really think of things to blog all day, but when I sit down to do it, I have trouble figuring out what I want to say.  Yes, most generally I am a VERY happy person, but I do have things that bug me, so Here goes.

1.  Lol - I have said this before, but YOU are not laughing out loud, so don't say you are.  If you truly are, then sweet - thx..but I doubt it every time.
2.  It's okay to pick on people and be funny with them, as long as you are not really being hateful.  TONE does matter in this, so do NOT tell me it doesn't.
3. The word is "regardless" not "irregardless" - Irregardless is a double negative.
4.  The word Lowe's does not have another "L" on the end.  It is truly pronounced "Lows" not "low-els"
5.  Kroger is Kroger - not Krogers and Walmart is Walmart not Walmarts.
6.  This is a BIG one..Facebook statuses that are always negative or more recently. . .
7.  Facebook statuses that are always sharing someone's stuff or pictures (really, if you can not EVER share your own thoughts, then don't share anything..)
8.  People that call Zach - Zachary..his name is Zacheriah..I picked that name for a reason.. (Laura, not directed at you..just remembered I told you it was a pet peeve)
9.  UNDERSTAND this. . . . .YOU can MAKE yourself happy.  I do not have to do that for you.  I know that sometimes it is hard, and sometimes you do not want to feel happy..I get that, but don't constantly blame others for your lack of happiness.  You will have more friends and more love in your life, if you smile and let some things roll off...----and NEO...I know this on my own, not because you say it to me a lot. :)
10...ONE more. . . . . .It's okay to love each and every person you meet.  People that have issues with emotions are strange to me.  I love you all, even when some of you annoy me to death.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Flavor ICE

Second Blog for today.  I'm on a role.

Okay so..two things..first..Thanks to Praxair our Popsicles will be cold for the parade.  They are donating some dry ice.  Yay!  I've never had or messed with dry ice before, and I'm quite excited.

Second - Why oh why, wouldn't there be perforations for pop/flavor ice packaging?  You'd think in the age of iPhones and Android and well everything else cool.  I mean seriously you can by squeeze bottles of peanut butter and jelly, but you can't get a Popsicle with an easy way to open it.  Just sayin.

Jon Stewart For President

I know I've said this to many of you before, but I'm serious.  He's my write in.
I love this clip, it made me laugh so many times.  I KNOW I'm a total geek, but I have watched it probably 20 times now.  Every time I laugh, so I thought it was time to share it with everyone.

Side note:  Tomorrow is the 4th of July Parade in Lebanon, and I'm so excited.  The Little Black Box Theatre Company float looks great thanks to some special parents, including my own.  The kids are going to have a great time, a HOT time, but a great time.  I can't wait.  Check us out at the Parade, 2pm.  I'll post some pictures.

Nothing I can say is as funny or as great as this video, so watch it:

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