Thursday, July 12, 2012

Pet Peeves - You guessed it...I have lots of 'em.

Okay - so I can't let a week go by and not BLOG - that'd be crazy.

I was trying to decide what to write about today when someone sent me a message and it helped me figure out my topic.  Yes, this stuff really does happen to me.  Yes, I really think of things to blog all day, but when I sit down to do it, I have trouble figuring out what I want to say.  Yes, most generally I am a VERY happy person, but I do have things that bug me, so Here goes.

1.  Lol - I have said this before, but YOU are not laughing out loud, so don't say you are.  If you truly are, then sweet - thx..but I doubt it every time.
2.  It's okay to pick on people and be funny with them, as long as you are not really being hateful.  TONE does matter in this, so do NOT tell me it doesn't.
3. The word is "regardless" not "irregardless" - Irregardless is a double negative.
4.  The word Lowe's does not have another "L" on the end.  It is truly pronounced "Lows" not "low-els"
5.  Kroger is Kroger - not Krogers and Walmart is Walmart not Walmarts.
6.  This is a BIG one..Facebook statuses that are always negative or more recently. . .
7.  Facebook statuses that are always sharing someone's stuff or pictures (really, if you can not EVER share your own thoughts, then don't share anything..)
8.  People that call Zach - Zachary..his name is Zacheriah..I picked that name for a reason.. (Laura, not directed at you..just remembered I told you it was a pet peeve)
9.  UNDERSTAND this. . . . .YOU can MAKE yourself happy.  I do not have to do that for you.  I know that sometimes it is hard, and sometimes you do not want to feel happy..I get that, but don't constantly blame others for your lack of happiness.  You will have more friends and more love in your life, if you smile and let some things roll off...----and NEO...I know this on my own, not because you say it to me a lot. :)
10...ONE more. . . . . .It's okay to love each and every person you meet.  People that have issues with emotions are strange to me.  I love you all, even when some of you annoy me to death.

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lkafka said...

OK, from now on I'll say chuckle or giggle, cuz that's what I'm REALLY doing if I put LOL. It's just easier to type, so why I do it. Also, the STUPID auto correct changed my Zach to Zachary. Already told you this, I know, and you already have issues with Apple. Put this down on your mental list to share with them too. : ) You know I love you!