Friday, July 27, 2012

Google - Oh Google - Let me count the ways

Okay people - If you were at all confused about the most awesome company on earth before, let me help you figure this out...Google is sorta taking over everything.  They're not out to cheat or hurt anyone though, which makes them by far the coolest place out there. if they weren't good enough with the email, docs, apps in general, sites, and also the mobile Android OS, (oh and the CRAZY self driving cars Now they released Google Fiber.  I wish wish wish, I could tell you how exciting this is.  I wish you'd understand.. Okay - Oh also, how cool is it that Google has Drive and now they even have the Nexus 7, and by the way - I LOVE my Nexus 7.  I love Jelly Beans I love Google.
Google is offering an amazing deal with fiber - seriously check it out..

There are so many Googley things now, that I can't even cover all of them in one blog.  Let's talk for a few minutes about my Nexus, just cuz I'm bored, and well He's FANTASTIC.  Yes, he's a HE my car and everything else that I own..heehee
Okay - So, I have owned quite a few devices in my time.  Android and Apple both.  I have to say that Google has outdone themselves again with the release of the Nexus 7.  First of all, it cost me $200.  And they gave me $25 to spend at the Store (Play) on anything I wanted.  Seriously - it's as good as any other tablet out there...well better actually and it was cheap.  Anyone can get one, it's not like an apple product where they're targeting the higher end consumer.  Google wants to make it available to all.  It reminds me a bit of the Kindle Fire - but it's a Google device preloaded with all my google apps, and easily puts your store stuff on there for you (whatever's in the cloud)...Seriously - NO comparison.  Okay - I choose the Nexus 7 over the iPad any day.  Now...I must say, that from a work (business) prospective, for all my nerdy techy friends, I realize that there are things that 10 inches do, that a 7 inch device would make more difficult (keep your minds out of the gutter)..I do love toys..

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