Thursday, September 29, 2011


It is an interesting idea that a person might care about what you have to say on a daily basis.  I figured I could use this as a journal and if people read it well great.  If people don't read it, I don't blame them.  I don't really like to read other people's blurbs either.
I downloaded Jelly Defense today.  Looks like a fun game.  I'm not sure why I like defense games so much.  I think the strategy is interesting.
Also really like the idea of the new Kindle.  It actually is everything that the iPad is and way cheaper.  You go Amazon!
Sometimes I have down days.  I wonder if that happens to everyone.  Sometimes it lasts a few days, and it makes me so irritable.  I could blame it maybe on PMS, but really I think I am just inpatient a lot.  I want my Ethics instructor to post my grade, I want my Advisor to do her job and get me into the classes I want, I want everyone to get along more, I want a raise, I want Jenn to be 18, and I want everyone to do everything I ask.  Okay so really, I know that this is not my world and I realize that all of my wants and desires at not the top of anyone else's list.
I wonder . . . Do other people give me the same courtesy? I don't know how many times people expect things from me a day, and I wonder how many of them I let down.  I wonder if Joe (fictitious person) I have a list of fourteen things to do today, and he didn't even make it on there.  My bet is that he thinks he should be on the top of my list.  Maybe I need to do better with tricking people into thinking they are near the top, or maybe I do just fine at that.
On a side note . . . I think I'd like to smack a money today.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I wrote this a while ago. I didn't, nor do I ever, want to hurt you. I think it's time now for you to read it.

I’ve felt sadness and loneliness before but never as heart wrenching. The aching and longing for interaction with you, and it’s something you may never understand. A mother’s love for a child is so different than any other. I hope you never go through this. I hope everything is always beautiful and lovely for you. A million butterflies skittering across the sky. A million love songs with happy endings. A million rainbows to fill your eyes. As years go by, I expect the longing to be less, but it only seems to grow. I love you, my peach. You are my heart.