Sunday, December 8, 2013

Again on the subject of love...

Been thinking about this a lot lately. The heart is such a funny thing. It's interesting how many people think love is so strange. I have for years now decided that love was the most important thing. Not just because I'm a Christian and I know it's what Jesus did and what I know he'd want from me, but also because it's so much more easy to love than to not. Recently someone did enter my life that I have found loving not so easy. It's hard to feel free and open when someone wants to take something important or someone important from you. I have been pushing and hoping that someday I could convince the person I fear I'll lose to see what is going on, but instead, I'm creating some grief for myself and for this person that is not necessary.  I know that the person this is directed at will know what I'm babbling about. Anyway love is not an emotion that has to be earned when it comes to me. We're interconnected and love is sometimes the only thing you can give, so from this day forward I am gonna try harder.

Sometimes the best way to fix things is to let them be.

Now a little on loss.
Isn't it so funny to sad to think of what the people that have moved on are missing out on. Yesterday while uploading a stupid YouTube video, I thought about my grandpa would be cursing that, since he loved the whole "spacebook" thing so much. I miss his comments about technology so much. I just miss him. Life is so short, I hope all of you are making choices that embrace that.

I know... I know.. Haven't blogged in months and then this one is all weird.. I'll try to do better.

Xoxo.. Millions.. To infinity and beyond