Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Happy happy happy

I'm making some yummy spicy chili for dinner. I was so happy when I went out at lunch today and the weather was so perfect and the people downtown are so fun to watch, even without gencon. I admit I am excited about lunch tomorrow though. Maybe I'll get some awesome pictures. I am definitely going to take a walk.
I have to say that I believe more than ever that everything happens for a reason. There are a few people from Ryobi that I really miss and I can only figure they were the reason for that time in my life, but i feel so awake and vibrant now. I love technology and actually being able to help people with problems. I think this job, in thanks to my brother, is sent from Heaven.
Downtown is something I never expected to like. I was so wrong. So I'm a people watcher as most of you know, and today I stopped in Starbucks to get an ice coffee. While I was waiting, I noticed a guy sitting at the counter was coloring on a little food baggie. Not only coloring but intently coloring a scribble mess, but i think to him it was a masterpiece. I found this fantastic. I, of course, knowing people would not necessarily believe me, decided to take a few pictures that were completely unbeknownst to him. I will not post them or anything, because I obviously judged him, and it was completely wrong of me. I love people though and observing down there is really interesting to me. Consider this my confession to the world.

Don't forget tonight is a new duck dynasty.

Love you all.
Xoxo.. Millions and infinity

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