Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sometimes we're just dumb. . .

Okay - I am so thoroughly sick of a few things and since this is totally my blog, I'm gonna tell you all about it.

I would like to preface this by saying, that I am a Christian and that I can have the beliefs that I have and maintain my own relationship with God.

At some point in our civilized lives we've decided that the way that we vote for president works, even though clearly people are rarely happy (even those that vote for the candidate) in the end.  My question is this -  -  If we're a democracy truly, why don't we change the process?  Very few people seem to really think campaign ads do anything but upset American's - so why do our candidates keep doing it, and why do we as a democracy allow it to happen?  I didn't really spend time to understand what the Iowa Caucus was until today (I know..I'm 34 and I should know these things) but REALLY?  Why can we not all decide who's running for president together?  Better yet, why don't we let EVERYONE that wants to run, and then as smart educated people we vote for them.  It shouldn't be about money alone, and it somehow is...  And also, how do all of the smart people in this nation not see how corrupt this whole process is?  I'm completely tired of the insanity..  "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results" - Albert Einstein

I realize that I am alone in some of my thinking, or I must be, cuz surely if a lot of people felt this way, things would change.  Alright - Also there is recycling - why are we not being forced to do this yet?  Why is our government (I know most conservatives thing being forced by the gov is wrong) not funding our trash companies to do this for us as a federal law?  Do you know how quickly we're ruining this planet and how much trash we generate a year?  Here check this out - - -   To me this seems like a no brainer.  People take care of our planet, we wouldn't throw trash on the floor of our home, so stop putting so much in landfills.

It seems like there are so many traditional things that we do as a society, just because it's always been done that way.  I feel like it's time to take hold and make changes, just like in business, you can't just keep running things the wrong way forever and say that we do it like that for the reason that it's always been done like that.  Change is good, if it's for the common good.

If everyone would really think about love and doing the best for one and other, things would change.  We wouldn't allow people to hurt our brothers and sisters and mothers and fathers.  I wish everyone would wake up in our "Stepford" wives society and realize that changes are needed.  How about for a few years (like maybe 20) our government and our citizens of this nation concentrate on things that are really hurting people right now?  (getting back on my soapbox) Okay like seriously people want to argue of prayer in schools?? Who cares?  My kid doesn't say the pledge but he is allowed to sing songs about Christ in his choir.  I'm not at all concerned about this, but I think it's weird that we want to tramp on anyone's rights of speech.  I do think it is only fair that if a child doesn't want to say the pledge or sing about whatever, for their beliefs then great and that's okay.  I do think things like this (stupid) should be not introduced in campaigning for president.

I'm not even really sure if the idea of the Presidency should be evaluated.  Why do we have one man as a figure head for our country?  It's not as if he makes decisions.  We do have congress and the why do we need him?  Why can't we re-evaluate the whole thing and start over with a new constitution.  We could use it as a basis, but there is no reason to just follow tradition there?  I like the idea of people truly deciding things.  Why can't I decide whether we go to war?  Why can't we vote on the issues and not for people?

Anyhow just some of my random thoughts.

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