Friday, January 13, 2012

update. . .

Went back to the Dr. yesterday.
We're doing a Small Bowel Follow Through on Tuesday.
Gary, Zach and I are all sick of dealing with whatever this is, so hopefully we find out something helpful.  Zach is such a great kid, it would sure be nice to get past all this.
It's interesting to me though to see how much doctor's guess.  They started him on a new medication (another medication - while he still continues the others) called "Dicyclomine".  This one is for irritable bowel even though that's not really what he has.  They think that maybe it will keep him from having the spasm in his colon after he eats.  We'll see.  This medicine is a three times a day thing.  I'm over all the meds, that's for sure.

So also last night was try-outs for the Willy Wonka play.  My kid doesn't care one bit which part he gets, he just loves acting.  I was proud of him as always.  He sang "Tonight, Tonight" even though I protested before hand, but it's Jenn's song and so he wanted to sing it, and he did a Mike Teavee monologue.  I am seeing how he's getting a bit more nervous as he gets older.  He read script parts, and I was surprised by his reading ability.  He's quick and shows emotion nicely, even when he's never read it before.  I do love him so much.

Mark your calendars!!
So everyone knows - His play date is the evening of April 20, and the afternoon of April 21.

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