Monday, January 30, 2012

Lovin' my Android - Lovin' my Google!

I love my phone.  I am pretty sure I could not live without these things:

My Android
My kids
My Neo
My Car
My Google Everything
These are a few of my favorite no specific order.

Recently I got offered a FREE iPhone 4S...yeah, NO WAY!  I had an iPhone for about 10 minutes (okay so like a few years), but I have went Android and I will NEVER go back.

Here's a few reason's why:
Choices - On the Android devices you are allowed to customize everything..Keyboard, ringtones, text tones, backgrounds, and also each app has it's own settings too.  I have control issues just like Apple, and I want to be in control of my phone.
My phone fully integrates with all of my Google applications.  I update a contact on my phone and BOOM my address book shows it.  Nothing special needed.  My calendar is just there along with all other calendars in Google.  This includes my Google Music account.
I can download apps from anywhere by checking "unknown sources".  This means I have the Market and the Amazon Market.
My GPS talks to me for FREE...
I get true 4G signal on my phone.
Google listens to it's users to make the best operating system available and to all users using open source.

Sometimes my phone and this technology makes me giddy and I can't help it.
I've been reading a lot about Google lately, so that I can write my final paper for this class I'm in about organizational behaviors.  Man...what a place to work.  Sergey and Larry really get it.  I am so terribly glad for Google.  So last weekend I was locked out of my account for a while, and I really had trouble breathing.  I'm pretty sure, a person could have a heart attack from such a thing.  With the help of my Neo we figured it out and I got it all reset.  That was a huge relief.  I'm not sure I could go a whole day without my account.  Panic definitely set in.

I love Google.  I love Android.
BTW..I got the Lotus Launcher - so I have Lotus Notes on my Android now, thanks Josh.  Also got to take a look at a new Razr Max..thanks again Josh..nice phone (need it on ATT)...

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Piderman said...

No mentioning of punching people? Really? You even said you would. Now I feel let down. Thanks a lot mom. :)