Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Princess Peach

I find the princess quite disturbing, and I'm calling for Nintendo to change it up.   How about this, the next Mario game could have Mario getting abducted by a Bowser Girl baby who's in love with him for once? I mean seriously, this is 2012 and girls just aren't that wimpy, and if they are, well then we should just let Big Bowser keep her.
I'm sick of the reference that women are weak and I swear that those games portray that.  Now, don't get me wrong, me loves me some Mario, more than any other game out there actually.  I just would like to have a different hero I guess.  I'd be okay with Daisy actually being the hero also.
Could we have them wear cooler colors, too?  I mean enough pink and yellow.  I'm calling for a blue jumpsuit instead of the 50's dresses.  Or maybe a ninja suit.
Oh I got it.  The next game could be a ninja as the hero, and Mario and Luigi are being held somewhere, by Bowser or who cares, and then the ninja takes her hood off the last level and revels the girl hero.  Maybe also when she should be able to kick and slide and punch.
I'm completely over the wimpy girl story.  Anyone with me?


What the what?! said...

Nope. It's Mario. I think you are looking for a different game.

JCTD77 said...

Your thought sounds so interesting. If they did something like that I will totally buy that game cause it will be so interesting.