Thursday, February 2, 2012

What the words mean. . .

For me it's really simple to say what I mean.  I know that people struggle with that, and I feel sorry for them.  I have no problem at all expressing myself, and honestly (and candid), if you're around me more than a few moments, you know how I feel about you.  I don't even think I'm hard to read.  There is no mystery here, I wear it on my sleeve.

I know I've hurt a few people and continue to do with my "put it all out there" attitude, but I don't try to be inconsiderate.  Actually, I've gotten really a lot better about how I handle myself professionally in the last few years.  I've worked hard to THINK before I speak, and to be courteous with my speech.

Lately, I have been trying to get to know what makes people around me tick.  How do I get them to open up or how do I get them to maybe shut up?  While doing this, I learned something very valuable about myself though, and that wasn't intended.  It's not that I don't have an open mind, and it's not that I don't "love you" when I say I do.  I just really get annoyed by people that I don't feel are as intelligent as me, or rather people that think if they hover I will fix their problems sooner, or people that complain all the time about everything.  And guess what...I don't really like annoyance.  I'm gonna work on it.

Well - Love you..all..unless I don't.

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