Sunday, February 12, 2012

Android Apps that I can't live without. . .

Today, like many days before today, I decided to clean up my phone of apps that I really don't use.  I download lots of apps weekly (usually free app of the day from Amazon), but anyway, every now and then I find one that is just GREAT.  Most of the time, I just use or play with them a few days and then get rid of them.
This blog, I'm going to tell you about some apps that you could never get on iPhone and why I think they're so awesome.  Actually, I accidently uninstalled one of them today and had to install it again when it disappeared off of my home screen.  

"Application Folder Pro" is that app..OH my gosh I love this app.  It allows you create quick links basically on your home screen to any app or contact.  For instance, I have a group for Work Contacts.  You click it and it brings up all their smiling faces, and it lets me have the choice once I click on them to call, text or email.  I highly recommend this app. I bought it while it was free, but Amazon has it for $1.30.

Next can't live without SwiftKey X.  What an GREAT keyboard.  I love that it learns me and knows what I'm going to type.  Seriously, I've never seen any as good as this, so don't try to tell me that there is a better keyboard out there.

Handcent is my favorite for a texting app by far.  I love the skins, and it's such a nice app with tons of preferences. This is again something Android allows you to be flexible with and iPhone's pail by comparison.

Circle Launcher is another one that I would never want to give up.  It's another app that is really a widget and allows you to add any app you want to a circle button.  You press the button and see all 10 of you favorite games or whatever, and they don't have to have extra space.

As far as games go, I'm a tower defense junkie.  Right now, I have about 5 tower defense games.  GRave is probably the favorite.  I like Jelly Defense and Fieldrunners a lot, too though.  I have the Living Dead Defense right now also, and it is very similar to GRave.

Flixster is yet another app I would never want to live without.  (And it's FREE) This app you can find on iTunes, too for all you Applers.  It tells you current and upcoming movies at theaters close to you.  You can set up favorite theaters, and also it tells you current DVD/BluRay releases.  Good stuff.  I would say that I use that app at least once a week just to see what's out there.  

My weather channel widget is really cool, too.  It keeps me up to date on the current weather, just with the icon.  Also though, by clicking on it, you can get details. 

Shazam will be a keeper for me also.  I love being out somewhere, hearing a song, Shazaming it and it telling me what I'm listening to.  It will even take me to the song in Amazon to purchase straight away.  How great is that?  Oh and guess what - - - It's free too..and Applers can have it, too.  And yes sometimes while it's thinking after it's done listening, I do say "SHAZAM"..

Lately I've been using Audible a lot, which is cutting out the need for my iPod.  I like the iPod for working out, since it's smaller and can clip on to me, but in the car, I've been sticking to the phone.  

Personally, I like Amazon MP3 and Google Music Apps about the same.  I have different music now on either cloud, and sometimes I combine them, but . . . I care for each very much.  Some of my other favs are: Google Talk, Plants vs. Zombies, Pixlr-o-matic (I could do a whole camera app blog), Paper camera, Huntington Bank, Chase (if someone gives you a check, you can deposit it by taking a picture), Fruit Ninja, Facebook, Google +, circle batter widget, car locator (don't get to use that very often), and of course angry birds.

Maybe you could let me know, if there are some that are GREAT that I'm missing.

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