Monday, February 20, 2012

SMARGLET.....Samsung Galaxy Note...yes, I have one. .

That's right...I am a huge friggin' geek.  I don't care.

I got my Note this weekend, which I did name "Smarglet"...My reasoning..he's a smart phone and a tablet and I'm a little like Smeagol so I combined all three. If you say it like Smeagol would.."Shhmmmaaarrrggllet."

My quick review..
The screen is huge.  It really does seem tablet like.  I won't be able to take it with me to the gym unless I plan on reading a book.  I don't like how 'Sims Freeplay' doesn't work for it.  I was just getting into that game.  The screen is bright and beautiful and so far the battery life isn't seeming any worse than my Atrix really.  At first I thought it was an issue, but after shutting off some battery hogging apps like news, it seems better.  For whatever reason it works better in my car.  It allowed me to put a playlist as link on my home and my car automatically recognizes it.  I'm liking that.  The stylus is kind of neat, but I'm not sure how often I'll use it.  I did use it for "Color Pop" today - It's smaller than a finger tip obviously, so that worked well.  I also wrote a quick note to myself on the screen.  Like that too.  I really enjoy the camera on this device.  Seems much nicer and clearer than any I've had before.
I will update you more of anything I think is cool as I find it.

So by getting a new phone.  Jenn has my Atrix now, and Zacheriah has her iPhone 4.  It was a change all around.  For sure I know Zach is happy, but so far Jenn and I are well.. missing the old and liking but not loving the new.  It'll take a week or so.

Said goodbye again to someone wonderful today.  I will see her again soon, but for me that never seems soon enough.  Oh well, it was a wonderful weekend.

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Piderman said...

I love you. I am missing my old baby but we'll see if this one grows on me. So far its nothing too special.