Tuesday, February 7, 2012

All of the answers to my problems. . .

I do believe that the Samsung Slate 8 might be the answer I needed.  Thanks to Nate, if he even reads this.  I have been doing some thinking lately.

First let me explain an issue that I have going on.  iPads, yes iPads...So as many of you know I am a Support Center Manager in IT.  We buy all equipment for our entire organization, and iPads and iPhones are plaguing us daily.  Well a while ago, we decided that pocketcloud (first rdp) was awesome, because you could vpn in and then your ipad could look just like your desktop.  (WINDOWS desktop)  This has it's issues because without rooting the ipad you can't get a mouse to work, which means you have a sucky virtual mouse.  Well anyhow...I've had a few really prominent workers at Wabash ask me to no longer have laptops but instead want to travel with their iPad alone.  I love this idea, except, well it's not ideal.  The iPad isn't really a good PC replacement.  Sorry, but it isn't.

Well....a few weeks ago at lunch, I was talking to someone (Nate) about what I geek I am, and he sent me a link to a video about the Samsung Slate 8.  They have a 7 too, but it's no where as cool as the 8.  I am really really excited about this.  It comes loaded with Windows 8 (microsoft, so guess what...guess what...computing power).  I know people think I'm crazy and I'm not a microsoft lover by any means, but I do love a solution that works for business with less complaints.  So, this is a TABLET and it docks when you set it in it's stand that comes with it, and it has a bluetooth keyboard and mouse.  Did you get that...??? Keyboard and mouse..
I will be piloting one of these devices for work as soon as it's officially released, only wish I could get on a list somehow and get them ahead of the curve.

On a side note, been in Wisconsin with mom for a few days.. She is up here for training, and well isn't extremely well traveled, so i came up to get her settled.  She's up here for two weeks. Yuck.  I fly back tomorrow though, and I'm pretty excited to hug my boys.
Anyone that reads this and knows my family well, knows how unhappy mom was with her last job, well she's really loving this place so far.  Also, Roy...He's loving his too.  I'm really happy for both of them.

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