Thursday, February 14, 2013

a love letter . . .

I know I know…Valentine’s Day is a hallmark holiday, and you should love all year long.  Here’s the thing, some people need to be reminded about what is important.  Why are we here?
So during an orientation process yesterday at Ryobi, someone asked me if I knew what the bottom line was of what we were selling, what was it that Ryobi does?  The answer from me was “We sell automobile parts” He said, “we sell quality automobile parts..”  This made me think..  In my life, and as a person, what am I trying to sell.  I want it to be “I show people love and consideration”…I am not a lovey dovey huggy person…but I am a very LOVING caring person. My job in life is not to make money and have nice things.  My purpose is to make you feel like you’re loved the way I want to feel loved.  Most of you that are reading this are definitely loved by me, and most of you have really felt that in one way or another.
In my lifetime, I have hurt people, and I purposely pushed some people out of my life.  Others people I can’t and won’t shake.  I can honestly say that even through the hurt, I have loved you.  Love isn’t always romantic, love isn’t always easy, but it is always with the best intentions.  I have messed up; everyone does.  I try to do what is right, and sometimes I have to think with my head instead of my heart.  That doesn’t change the feelings I’ve had.  I promise you that if I have ever said to you that I love you, even jokingly, I truly do. 
My life has changed a lot in the last year.  I lost a whole lot of loves on a day to day basis.  Even though this is true, and I miss my Wabash family; I love that I still love so many of you.  Happy Valentine’s Day to you.  I do really love you guys, all different kinds of love of course, but changing location doesn’t remove feeling.
This morning I got a letter from the most important man in my life:
“I love you
It’s really just that simple. And that’s one of the things I’ve learned from you over the past few years.  Love doesn’t have to be complicated and you can feel it for almost anyone or anything.  Love is what it’s all about and like the Beatles said “it’s all you really need”. As I watch you loving people in our lives, I’m learning from you, it can be easy.  I still have difficulty in that area but I’m getting there.  I like to see your smile when you look at Lucy.  I like to see your smile when you look at me, or Zach or jenn.  It’s not just a smile; it’s the love that comes through with it.  Those things are connected aren’t they?  The smile and love.  Yeah, it’s the simple things I love about you.  Thanks for teaching me more about love and the simple things.
Happy Valentines Day
Yeah, he’s probably not going to be really happy I shared that with the world.  I do have the most wonderful man though, all you other girls, eat your hearts out.
Okay – gonna eat my salad now. 
Kiss someone today..and hug them tight.  I’ll be home at around 6 if you want to hug or kiss me.  I’m always open for hugging and kissing..;)

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