Monday, May 20, 2013

Back in the day...

There are times I have trouble remembering things. I'm not sure why this happens, I really wasn't a druggie or heavy drinker. I used to think it was my mind getting rid of the unimportant stuff to make room for the stuff that really meant something, but that can't be it. Some of the memories I hold on to are truly junk, but I've had my friend Jami say.. "remember when we..." and it was something I should remember but really don't. Then I thought maybe I got rid of some of the more painful ones, but once I met up with this old high school friend that told me some stories that apparently I was a big part of, but I had no memory at all. (again stuff I should have remembered) Maybe though since I have always led a very busy life, there was always so much stuff going on, my mind had overload. I think of it like a computer that sometimes I need to reboot, but when it comes back up there are some holes or data corruption in some of the files.

Anyway one of my favorite times in my life was when I worked at the Strand theater in Crawfordsville. Strange how I hold onto so many memories from that time frame. Learning to thread old projectors and splice movies; it's something I've never used since or probably will ever use again, but it was so cool to be in control of that place. I am not sure why this was on my mind, but it was.

Today.. Overall a decent day..
Been listening to a new book on the way back and forth (part of the way.. Can't stick to one thing both ways) anyway it's called Delirium.. About a society without love. The cure for feelings and how a girl figures out that it's not a disease after all. I kinda like it. Not as much as I liked Lifehouse today., but yeah..

So.. Hope I made you smile today with my uber nerdy referral to a computer system and my brain... Lots of love.

Xoxo.. Millions.. Infinity

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