Thursday, May 9, 2013


Best kept secret of Windows 7 - I know - I know - most of you are gonna be like, really Jess - but some of you will be amazed.  I have actually been so surprised lately of all the people that do NOT know this exists.  Ready for this:

This is the Snipping tool...First click on your Windows button and then Click on the snipping tool and then guess what - you can take pictures of whatever you want on your screen and post it into email or save it as a picture on  your pc.  You can also use highlight features and a pen..and then just do CTRL C and CTRL V functions to paste it into whatever you want (Word/Email).

Okay now on to a few of the things I want to do before I die - there are many more of these but I decided I'd list a few of the more outrageous ones:

1.  Skydiving with Jenn this summer
2.  Hopefully ZipLine in Catalina this summer
3.  Shoot my new crossbow (hopefully this weekend)
4.  Finish writing a book - NO more starts..need a finish
5.  Spend the night in a haunted castle - preferably someplace in like Ireland and with Jennifer of course, cuz she'd enjoy that more than anyone I know and Gary would like it too I think.
6.  Kiss a dolphin - no swimming with them..just a simple kiss.
7.  Vampire bite..maybe someday

Now here's a few of the outrageous things I've already done:

1.  Ride in an actual really trolley - hanging off of it like the locals do
2.  Get punched in the face (cuz i wanted to)
3.  Start a business (wasn't on my list - but it's been a great experience)
4.  See flying fish
5.  Rock climbing
6.  Paint Ball

As much as many of you know me and know that I love CA..I do love California, but I do not like getting into the ocean..on either side mind You...I have a GIGANTIC fear of what I can't see under me..I do not like the idea of predators or whatever swimming with me in there, and if any of them can smell my fear they will certainly eat me.  So I have no desire to swim with anything in the ocean or to surf or anything like that.  I know I'm a huge wimp and maybe someday that will change, but I doubt it.

I heard somewhere a long time ago that snails can sleep for three years at a time.  I don't know if that is true, but I have a feeling I could sleep a few days anyway.  Wonder how a snail lives without food and water that long??  Snails are slimy and I wouldn't want to eat them, but I think their existence is very cool... - this is me..signing off..have a great tomorrow..and remember that somewhere someone loves you, maybe more than you know.

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