Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Pets and feelings and such . . .

Why do I have no pets?

Well in a word...Gary
I have had pets in the past, but Gary is seriously against the idea, so yeah.

Also though, I have Zach, so do I really need a pet?  He's hard enough to take care of. Whenever I start getting crazy and looking at dogs and going all gooey, Gary is quick to remind me his feelings.  I guess this is something that I can live without.  I'm not that tender and nurturing anyhow really.  Ask the kids..I do love them, but I'm not really really affectionate usually.

Today I was thinking about perspective.  Everything is relative (actually, Gavin Degraw helped me think of this - Relative) It's interesting how people all have their own lives and their own thoughts that could be receiving messages completely different than you're meaning it to be.  I'm sure I have talked about this before, but I figure since it's part of my thoughts today....you're hearing it again (or reading)

Lets take the weather for instance...I was talking to a friend today about rain and how much I enjoy good warm rains..some people would interpret the rain as a bad weather day for some reason, but I try to always look at it is - - if today isn't what I want, then there is something to look forward to - - tomorrow.  This is true with a lot of things.  I also wish more people would think with the cup half full mentality, but I haven't always been like this either.  I used to play softball, and it would annoy the heck out of me if games were rained out.  - this is how my mind works, but I just jumped to - man I miss softball.  Jenn - you and I need to play catch soon..

and now my mind jumped again to, do you think that anyone really knows who they want to be or where they want to be  - and i don't mean young teenagers that think they know for a minute.  I think people like to pretend, but the growing up thing never really ends.  I am starting to think that no one has anything ever figured out for real.  I was listening to my baby girl this weekend stressing about her problems, and I started thinking about how I am so not that different.  I'm not depressed or upset by any of this, just think that I'm figuring out something some others already may know.  I love the day by day...I love the moments and that is awesome.

I also LOVE you...all of you..love is so easy
Millions - infinity - xoxo

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