Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Getting close to being unpacked - all things are finding a place.  I have my boy home with us, and everything is feeling right.  I am excited about a normal day tomorrow.  A normal work day, leave from here, come back to here.  Went to the pool with Zach when we got back here today, I'm sure he's excited about the eye candy.  I would be if I were him, lots of cuties.

I made a meatloaf tonight.  Actual first meal I have cooked in the apartment.  Yeah...I love cooking.  LOVE it.  Wendy (cousin) made a desert the other day - - - OMG it was a crescent role cheese cake thing...I'm so making it soon.  It was fabulous.

There was a parent today that I watched correct her child in a way that I never would.  I always wonder how people act behind closed doors if they are almost abusive in public.  I try to give the benefit of the doubt and hope they just lost it for a minute.  We're all human after all.  My kids are pretty spoiled and I get that, but I guess I think of them as little friends and well people in general.  They've always been really good kids overall though.

Love. . . I love you

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