Sunday, May 5, 2013

experience ...

Went to Zach's mission meeting tonight.  I am really hoping he enjoys himself, but also learns a lot from this trip.  Thanks to everyone who has pledged or supported the mission group.

Today included Lots of packing - lots of getting rid of stuff..been a VERY productive day.  It is good for us to cut down on our 'things'.  This cutting the fat is much needed. (no comments needed)

I love new experiences, and hope that never changes.  I love it also that my kids get this too.  They seem to understand the importance of enjoying each experience.  Especially that Jennifer, she really really seems to get that.  The crossbow is gonna be a new and hopefully fun experience.  We only live for a little while. Subject switch - I watched a couple little boys getting all excited about my decepticon today.  So great; made me smile for a long time.

Okay - enough for today - blogged a lot yesterday - I love you, and of that I am certain.

millions - to infinity - xoxo

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