Saturday, May 4, 2013


I was going to save this for tomorrow's blog, because sometimes I have issues with.. What am I going to talk about today.. But I am thinking about this now, so I thought I'd write about it fresh.

Isn't it great how much we don't understand about the way things work? I mean.. Zach said a few weeks ago, "I font really get how the whole electricity things makes things work" and I actually struggled to explain cuz I am not sure I've ever really thought about it much. I remember Shawn having a electric kit when we were young and the open and closed circuit thing, but yeah Gary jumped in to help and it was a good thing.

Well.. Today I was thinking about a helicopter.. Why.. I don't know, but anyway who thought up that design and it's awesome that it works, right.. Kinda like a bee but not cuz the blade circles and it's not even that large if a blade to lift a lot of weight.. Anyway this thinking made me think about how little we all know outside of our own day to day stuff.. I am learning some of the acting stuff gradually and even that seemingly uncomplicated thing is so overwhelming at times.. There is a lot involved.

So.. Tomorrow I am going to look for a crossbow. I have some things that I do not want to die not knowing and being able to shoot a target with an arrow is one of them. Later this summer when I jump out of a plane with Jennifer.. That will be marking my number one off the list but the crossbow is right up there, so it's time to make that happen. Now you're wondering how I jumped to this subject.. Me too actually...

Spent some quality time with some lovely ladies and a man tonight.. Going to have another girls night out before the move.. Looking forward to that. Cherishing the time and glad I'm not moving that far away. Again how did I get on this subject.. My thoughts and you're just reading them so don't judge.

Love to you.. Millions and millions.. To infinity and beyond

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