Saturday, May 11, 2013

Baby Ima want'chu...

Baby Ima want you.. Baby Ima need you.. You're the only one I care enough to hurt about..

Yeah was loving some Bread today.. And why.. I Dunno.. Not really knowing why
:-).. Anyway another weekend half way over, but Zacheriah and Gary did some packing today while Jenn, my brother and I built some shed doors.. Isn't it strange how some of the simplest projects can be completely complicated? I've had much bigger projects that were much easier.. Hopefully mom is happy with them. Mistakes and all they look pretty good.

Cast party tonight at the Hutchins house.  Be there or be.. Um.. Square.. Figured I should get this out there first..

14 days... And then we'll have this move over with. I think we're feeling much lighter as we keep giving things away.

Jenn slept with me last night.. Is it weird that I'd rather sleep next to her than anyone? Sorry to my boys.. It's a comfortable full type of sleep.. And it's nice to wake and chat with my sweet girl.. It's like having someone completely get you and I love that. I think she might be the only person that really does fully.

Anyway.. Millions and millions.. To infinity and beyond.. Xoxo.. And I love you to all the rest of you..

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