Saturday, May 4, 2013

As I pack...

I am going through old things the kids made for me over the years and deciding what to keep. I find some stuff from David in there that I had no memory of. I really love my kids so much.

Today has been a weird day from the start. We stayed downtown last night at the Embassy Suites. Was awakened by work this morning and worked on a problem for a good three hours, and then went to the apartment to get the garage.. I napped.. So tired sometimes. Gary did convince me to start training again for next year's mini.. So we're signed up again. I need to get with it if that's gonna happen.

Got home this afternoon and decided a grocery store run was in order and some recycling needed to be done.. Then I started packing what I like to think of as the "junk" room upstairs.. Doubles as a guest room but all kinds of Christmas decorations and such. I believe I'm going to get rid of most of that. We didn't do a tree other than charlie browns last year and that was nice.. Who needs all the crazy decorations that you put up just to have to bring then back down anyway?

We have a lot of stuff we're giving away. We originally thought we'd have a rummage sale, but I don't want to bother with that either. I still have about 2 shelves of Dvds and blurays too.. So let me know if you're interested and I'll go through the list.

Okay grilling.. Gonna watch cloud atlas with Gary and then hanging with some girls and cleaning at the Black Box.

Btw.. I have seen cloud atlas already.. Really liked it but knew I'd have to see it again to fully get it.

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