Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Build me an app to do that. . . Pls. .

Sixteen years ago today, I lost one of my best friends.  We were babies together and grew up together.  We learned so many things at the same time.  Forever, you will be missed and loved.  You taught me how to handle loss at a young age, and how to love and how to show it.  I promise you that I'll not lose another person in my life without telling them exactly how I feel about them and words are cheap, I'll show them too. Thanks Shawn, for being who you were to me.

How did I ever like regular mountain dew?..I accidentally hit that button today instead of the diet, and YUCK...Way too sweet for me now, sometimes even the diet seems too sweet.  Funny how tastes change so much.  I remember when I didn't like bleu cheese, what a crazy thing.

At one point today I wondered "if I close my eyes hard enough, will you disappear."  i tried for good measure, but nope..didn't work.

Today - I decided that I really like Matt Nathanson.  I shazamed a song; I do that quite a bit, and downloaded the whole album.  Wow!  I love when i stumble on something great. There is a song "Bottom of the Sea" - - - I love it. I'm not even sure what genre he is.  I don't even care; just love him.  Has a pure sound and he somehow seems to speak to me.  Isn't interesting when you are starting to get tired of listening to music/books there is something that sparks your interest?  I was feeling tired of all the old and needed something new and fresh..found it.

OH yeah...I want my key to be my phone.  Can someone please make that happen for me?  The push button car feature is nice, but I don't want to carry any keys at all, only my phone.  I want it to unlock my doors and start my car.  (and no..that app doesn't exist yet - - - so build it)

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