Thursday, May 16, 2013


Yeah.. Not so good at the improv thing. The black box has a two class parent and child improv, and of course, in support I decided Zacheriah and I would do it. I know I figured I'd rock at it too, but nope. I find myself trying to think about what to do or say next and it makes it impossible for me to enjoy what's going on around me. I like watching others much more than doing.

I wish I could speak bird. Do you think all birds can understand each other? Or do you think it's like speaking a different language and they can learn it? Or do you thinks like women and men and they can understand each other but they don't listen?
Speaking of this.. Do you think all frogs understand each others croaks? Just the thoughts swarming my never slowing mind. We're sitting on the porch and I am enjoying the sounds and company but yeah... Always thinking

The other day I'm driving down the street and a squirrel seriously stops to stare me down. I had to completely stop.. I really don't know if it was a suicide attempt, but it was like for a moment we shared eye contact and he was daring me..

Yeah going to enjoy my time now.. Love you.. Xoxo.. Millions and infinity

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