Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Jimmy . . .

So. . . June is gonna be interesting.  Zach's at his dad's house and has a mission trip in the middle of the month, so he'll be gone for almost an entire month.  I knew it would happen eventually but I believe a whole month without my baby might almost kill me.  Gary on the other hand will probably be rejoicing.

on to some of my random thoughts. . .

Why do boys stink so much?  I mean really smell even with deodorant   EVEN when you buy them the new and improved clinically proven kinds that are like 8 dollars a piece.  I swear I don't think that boy sweats as much as I do, yet he stinks - and it's a weird yucky stink.  And how can someone you love so much smell so bad?  I would think that if you love them that much their stink would roll right off, but NOPE..

Two flights of stairs to get into this apartment might kill me.  Especially when I have to carry stuff up. I am so glad we're hiring movers cuz urrgghh..Just bringing my ass up those stairs is enough for me.  I was thinking of rigging a pulley system over the balcony for when we go shopping.

Gonna try the Arni's next door tonight with my wonderful family.  JD and Wendy (cousins) and My bro and sis will be there too, and my Lucy.  I do think that part of moving is going to be AWESOME.

Gary bought me the cutest coolest little Android speaker today.  He just got here and gave him to me.  I think his name will be Jimmy.  I think I love him.  Not Gary - I do love him...but my new Jimmy.  He's got some awesome sound, too.  I can't say enough about Google stuff, love might not be a strong enough word...Seriously!

Love to all of you though...xoxo..millions and infinity..

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