Saturday, June 1, 2013

Why do you do that . . .

Some kids...Some dinner...some family - love to all of them.  And got to talk to my oldest sweetie for a few minutes tonight too.  Love you David.

Today, gary and I took a walk through a few cemeteries.  No place to really walk long distance around here.   Saw a turtle that was cracked in half - seriously saddened me.  What the heck is up with the turtles in this area?  All I can figure is that there are a lot of ponds.  This day was pretty good overall.  Gary's kids and grandkids filled our evening, which is always a good time.

The apartment is starting to feel more like home.  Got two pictures on the wall today and I think every box is unpacked now.  I do like the tanning room and the gym and the pool a lot.  Makes me feel like a spoiled rich kid a little.

Hmmm...a question was posed to me today..Why do I recycle?  I recycle because I feel like I'm doing my part to save our planet.  I recycle because too many people think it's okay to trash stuff that can be used for other things.  I recycle because I want my great grandchildren to still have a place on this planet. We waste so much, if a tiny bit of what I use can be reused for the something, I'm all for it.  I also try to buy recycled products that way I feel better about all that I use and reduce my footprint of waste on this world.  There ya go..that is the best explanation I can give.  I don't hate against those that don't recycle, I just really believe it is important to understand that we waste so much that even our own children and grandchildren are going to have to pay for what we're doing now.  The earth has limited resources, and we're so wasteful.  I love you, tommy.  Hope that was good enough.

Love ...Millions forever and infinity forever and xoxo..

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