Monday, June 3, 2013


Definitely a good gorgeous day.
Do you think that smiling causes happiness?  If you smile at someone are you happy in that moment?  I think it's possible to smile falsely and not be actually happy.  But I did try to smile a few minutes today when I wasn't necessarily happy, and it did make me happy, but mostly because I started laughing at myself (felt foolish).  I do think that optimism and happiness go hand in hand; of course, this is my thoughts, you can disagree.  But i think that if a person is generally a "cup half full" type of person, they are more often more happy than those that tend to look at all the "cup" as "half empty".

Have you ever thought of how many things we do as a society because of tradition?  Sometimes I find it overwhelming and astounding.  I really don't mind everyone's traditions, but sometimes I feel like people think I'm crazy because I don't want to just follow to follow.  
Like the whole burial thing.  I have no desire to have a traditional funeral and burial.  I'll be dead, people, so just do whatever you want to, and my body will seriously mean nothing to me anymore, so . . .I suggest cremation. I expect that at the point you all are being sad about my passing, I'll be having a margarita on the beach (Laguna) with my grandparents and Shawn in my own little piece of Heaven.
Also the wedding ceremony.. And spending an arm and a leg to tell the world you're married. I just think we overkill and sometimes make ourselves miserable just for the sake of tradition.
And why do we work a five day work week? Why can't we work more hours less days..? I know that some places offer stuff like that but why do we, as a whole, traditionally have a five on two off thing?
As I think of more, I'll mention them..

Went walking tonight at Liberty Park. That is gonna work; it's not Lebanon Memorial Park, but it is definitely better than walking in a cemetery. Did I mention that today is gorgeous?

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