Sunday, June 23, 2013

Another zombie post..

Over the years.. Love has come and gone, friendships have come and gone, time has come and gone.. I think for sure I recognize what is important at this point. For sure what matters are those people and relationships that stand firm. Those people that love you through the heartache and support you even when you know you're being irrational. 
The last few weeks have gone by slowly for me, and honestly I am having trouble with self esteem a little. I know most people that know me don't think this is possible, but self worth is important and quite frankly, I am not gonna act like I feel totally worthy.
I consciously decided how I was going to handle everything, and that has been helpful. Not great and there are still moments when I feel myself falling. I am a pretty positive person and know that no matter what happens I am fine, but that doesn't stop the anxiety at times..
I cannot keep up this blog everyday, sorry tommy, but my life is simply not that amusing right now and neither are my thoughts. I do love you all and I will blog every couple days or when I have something interesting to say.

Went to see World War Z today. I liked it. Very much actually. I do believe those zombies were much scarier than the zombies on Walking Dead.  Brad Pitt.. Yeah I don't see the heart throb thing. He's not all that... I'll tell you what though, I've been listening to the book "Scarlet" it's the sequel to "Cinder".. There is a character in the book named Wolf and he's this rough, large, disturbed guy that is protective of Scarlet and I think I love him.. Think my favorite book character since Wade Watts.. My cars namesake.

Okay enough for today and yesterday.
Love.. Xoxo.. Infinity and millions..
9 days til CA.. Wonder if I'll even come back to Indiana this time.

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