Thursday, June 6, 2013

Ah yes.. Ah yes...

Tonight.. No walking.. No tanning.. No working out... No driving to Lebanon..

I'm going to be direct in this blog.. Sometimes I'm vague, but you should know that I love you and thanks for loving me.. There are moments that I get bored of this, but then I look at my stats.. Wow.. I love you.. Thanks for checking in..

I also love bathing.. And my new bathtub is fantastic.. I guess most of you are like 'Well that's good..' But seriously one of my favorite things is to take a bath with a glass of wine while listening to an audio  book. It's a nice wind down and well just so warm and comfortable.. I like taking a really hot bath, finishing my glass and then taking a cool shower to wash off.. So so nice..

Okay so tomorrow night I basically say goodbye to my son for three weeks.. He's with his dad for a week, and then home for a day before he goes on his mission trip for a week and then back to his dad's for another week. Most of you that really no me know that I am going to freak out a little. Maybe I'll stay busy enough where this will be okay, but I guarantee you that I will have a really rough week the last week. Sorry in advance, but I am not sure I've ever been without him that long.

Anyway.. Millions and infinity..

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