Wednesday, June 12, 2013


What to say.. What to say..
Why do penguins have wings? Why not arms? It seems like the wings really serve no actual purpose.
Had a great black box meeting tonight. I think it's amazing where we are now compared to last year.
Gary hates that I mention him in these, but it is really nice to have such a supportive man who really does know a lot about my internal mind. That is scary for him i bet sometimes. He probably knows as much as anyone can know about how my thoughts work. Maybe Jennifer might know me a little better since she is so similar in her thinking. Sorry I did that to you kid.
Got a call from my oldest today too.. It's so nice to be hearing from him so often lately. I love my kids so much.
When we were walking yesterday, I saw the ugliest bird. Wren maybe, but it was ugly and kinda creepy with a long neck and long legs. I'm not sure I've been creeped out by a bird before, but eewwee. The pond we walk around has ducks with baby ducks and they are cool to watch. I do like the wildlife.
Got to see Tommy for a few minutes tonight; love that man.

K.. Boring I know.. Love you all
Xoxo.. Infinity and millions

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