Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Hugs . . .

Life is fantastic.  I am honestly so thankful for so much.  There are things that happen and sometimes you're like - - WHAT??? -- but then after a day or two you think, yeah..this could be really good.  I can't pretend like I know what tomorrow brings, but whatever it is...I'm sure it will be ok.  I mean how else can it be, right?

So..I want to tell you about my day..I woke up after a not so good nights sleep and decided I was going to go down to the pool and just relax today..well on my way I started looking for my purse, and it was no where..then I remembered that last night when we went out I had put it on the back of the chair and must've left it there.  I called them and they had it so headed over.  The nice girl gave me my purse and I felt like a boulder had lifted and then once I was going down the road, I noticed - no wallet.  ... urge - this meant that today was going to be a day of recovery from credit cards to bank cards ... and so on..Well.. I called her back hoping and she said she did have it there..so I turned around and went back to get it..woootttt...so today was going to be bad, but ended up being not bad at all..oh yeah and then i dropped my brand new phone at the pool, but ... at least i have insurance..why am i telling you all this..well - I have decided that I am going to stay positive and try to just pray and let things take me where they will.  It will be nice not having someone trying to bring me down or talking bad about others every freaking day.

I have a couple really good friends that I met in my short time at Ryobi and I'll cherish them forever, but overall not a good experience.  I'm ready to figure out what will happen next.  Thanks to all that love me.  I do love you too..

HUGS..xoxo..millions and infinity..

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