Friday, June 7, 2013

Little details...

What makes one person different than another?  
I think most of who I am was formed pretty early on.  My parents were really great at letting me express myself and be opinionated.  I remember always being asked what I wanted to eat and what clothing I'd like and so on.  My childhood was not all roses and butterflies, but there were a lot of good things that happened to go along with the bad.  My parents were a good combination to learn from, even if they should not have had kids biologically (too many hereditary diseases).  I was obviously married too early (age 19) to a man that had two kids already and by 21 we had a third.  I'm counting that whole marriage as part of my childhood, because honestly it was.  It was only after that when I decided it was time to know who I was and what I wanted and what I believed. So who am I?  What do I want? What do I believe?

Well, I believe that I am compassionate, loving, and nurturing, but also I'm courageous, sarcastic, opinionated daring and fun.  I am pretty quick on my feet and generally happy about most things.  I also have many weird quirks, but they are mine to have.

I want happiness and love.  I want people to recognize the importance of relationships and how nothing on this earth matters besides that and Google of course. I want sunny 75 degree days with blue skies, and long bubble baths.  Also I want the greatest best phone out there, which I have with my new one. More than all things, I hope for the success and happiness of my kids.

I believe in God and Jesus and love and the Beatles, oh and myself.  I believe that people choose who and what they are or want to be.  I also believe that we did land on the moon, although, I know it aggravates some people in my life when I act like I don't think we did. 

I think the most important rule in life is treat others right, so I hope you feel like I have always treated you good.

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