Friday, June 21, 2013


So lately I've been on a tomato kick. I sure love everything about them. I'm thinking it's helping my waist line too, but I seriously have been getting excited about the idea of a tomato for lunch every day. It seems like every summer I go a little crazy about some fruit or veggie.. This summer is the tomato.. Last was pluots (plum/apricot).. Tomatoes are much better for you tho with very little sugar. I've said this before but dill pickles, olives and tomatoes, I am certain they are part of my heaven. Along with laguna Beach of course. It's weird because I know God made those things specifically for me. :)
In an hour or so my sweet baby girl will be here to swim with aunt jess and grandma Nanette and then we're all going to the Marion County fair tonight.
Zach will be back tomorrow;although, he's going straight to his dad's for another week, at least I'll get to hear his voice and text with him again. This week has made me an emotional basket case. I'm not sorry about any of it, but I know I've had some crazy thoughts and feelings. I can't wait for next weekend when I get to cuddle up next to him and watch a movie or something. I love that young man, and hope he has learned a lot on this trip.
Love to you all.
Xoxo.. Millions and infinity

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