Saturday, June 8, 2013

ants - - eewwwee....

Good day with family and food.  Summer is such a great time for grilling and cookouts and walks and hikes and ants.  Okay so..when I was 4 or 5 we went to Texas and mom picked me up outta the car and stood me in a fire ant hill.  I was wearing pants so they traveled up my pants and bit me a bunch until mom realized I wasn't just squirming.  Well I feel so lucky because much of the same happened today.  I got out of the car, got stuff outta the back and then thought my jeans were poking me in weird spots,.... was a bunch of ants and they were about creepy - and people don't understand why I don't like things with more than 2 legs...well that's the reason..lots of ants died today..but not before they made me a little miserable.

I'm all about enjoying whatever season we're in, except for really cold winter - not sure what kinda weirdo enjoys that. I think that Fall and Spring are mostly my favorites, but the weather lately has be fantastic for summer in Indiana.
Not a long blog, but I'm exhausted today.

Love to all
millions and infinity..

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