Sunday, June 16, 2013

Air Guitar/Air Drums - Dorky . . .

It's amazing how sometimes things happen and you're like, no no no...and then given a few moments you're like...hmmm...okay maybe this is good..and then within a few days you can be like..yes that was a good thing..I love my life and my boys and my family.  Things will always be there to bring you down or to try to bring you down, but I think if you don't let them and you figure out how to rise above, you'll be that much better off.

Dad - I love you - Happy Father's day - it was great to see you for a bit today.

So at the concert last night (Tom Petty) and we had fantastic seats, but this dude next to Gary thought it was imperative that he played air drums and jumped around.  What a dork, and it wasn't just one song, it was the WHOLE night.  The two guys in front of me were playing air guitar too and I started thinking about how men/boys do this and I think it's so silly.  Especially when you don't play guitar or drums.  Girls do not think this looks cool (yes, I am speaking for the trees) - - we think it's okay to bob your head or dance a little but air whatevers...NO..that is not cool or cute..
Also, why do we still do the encore thing.  I've been to a lot of concerts, and that tradition I find funny.  We already know it's gonna happen even without screaming and beating on things (like the back of chairs - weirdo next to us).  I think they should just say - "Okay here's our encore - we're not coming back out to play you a few's our few more.." - - Probably not as fun I know..

Okay - this blog was a little more meaningful - Hey so I'm gonna work on getting a children's book illustrated soon, anyone ever publish a children's book.  Could use tips or whatever..

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