Monday, June 10, 2013

This is for you...

I know there are a few of you anxiously awaiting my words tonight. To this all I can say is hold true to what you believe is right. I know the real reasons and believe whole heartedly in karma. Sad. I do not have to be in power to make people my friends. I can have them honestly, and I believe it's sad that others have to do this with paychecks. But then leaders are people that have charisma and get people to follow them using things other than brute.
It is amazing to me how many people act like others are stupid because they live in different areas of existence.  Words alone Do NOT make you intelligent.
I have recently been pushed to believe that because people didn't want a system FORCED on them that they are somehow.. What's the word.. Oh let's see ignorant, retarded and stupid..
We'll this is what is I think.. Those people know their business much more than some guy that never even visits the floor. I have friends and you know who you are.. Thank you for being great.
I couldn't join the "club"  and that was the end of me.. We all know the truth about what's going on there.  Eventually everyone gets what's coming to them..
My friends, You all know I was not happy in that environment anyway.  To you all.. I love you.. Yes.. Got that... I love you and to those that didn't like that.. Blah.. Get over it.. I'm not that easily controlled, but thankfully for you.. You have someone that is.

Enuf tonight.. Millions and infinity xoxo

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