Wednesday, June 5, 2013

expectations . . .

We all have them.  Even when we don't mean to.  For instance, you're coming to my blog because you either a) expect me to say something interesting or b) feel like you have some obligation to do so.  I have an expectation of being in Laguna beach in a month.... . and so on..  Do you think it's possible to live life without any expectations at all?  I don't actually.  I think we can be conscious of it when it happens and push it aside, but I think we're wired to be expectant.

Sometimes we base our expectations on the filters in our life.  We constantly compare things and have an idea what it should be like based on what we know from the past.  We think of how people should behave and how our lives should be, but it's all based on fantasy.  How do we keep ourselves from falling into the rut of expecting things all the time?  I think we need to ask the question - - "am I living to the fullest?"  In order to live fully you have to live for what is happening around you now.  This doesn't mean you can't look into the future and get excited about upcoming events, but. . .it does mean that you should live the moments you're missing possibly right now.

I remember I used to get upset when things wouldn't go as planned.  (I'm not going to say that this never happens now, but definitely much less)  I remember when I'd build myself up for something and then feel way let down when it didn't turn out that way. So many times a person tries to control an outcome that is out of their control.  We cannot predict what tomorrow will bring, so why do we push ourselves in that direction and obsess about what we want rather than what we have?

And now I know a bunch of you are wondering why I would venture onto this topic...well..a friend of mine and I were talking about expectations today, and I had a long drive and plenty of time to think about that.  I feel like I wasted a lot of years expecting things to go a certain way and that never really worked out for me...I'm hoping that a few of you will read this, and understand and take it to heart.  Things happen so fast and our live is over.  We should look at all we have right now and enjoy life as more comes our way, but not try to push something to be that may never be.

well okay I've been in Lebanon and back and now watching "through the wormhole"...
Good night and Love to all
xoxo..infinity and millions

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